THE OTHER F WORD is an Amazon Video Direct Top Series 3rd Month in Row

By: Feb. 06, 2017

With well over half a million unique domestic visitors and more from other markets, THE OTHER F WORD remains on the Amazon Video Direct Top Series list for the third month in a row. The show launched September 3rd 2016. The Other F Word is a comedic coming-of-age series about four Gen X women friends who deal with the highs and lows of mid-life as they reinvent themselves now that their kids are grown. Season One's cast includes: Steve Guttenberg, Judy Gold, Michael Boatman, Reiko Aylesworth, Ben Bailey and Stephanie Little.

Jentis attributes the success similar to that of Bad Moms as bloggers and other influencers in the space have embraced the show. "It targets a large yet underserved audience hungry for content that are easy to find on the web. They find the show relatable and fun," says Jentis.

Jentis, an award-winning indie filmmaker with three features under her belt, originally tried to sell The Other F Word as a traditional show. But while the script and premise were praised, as an industry outsider with a show targeted to a 'tough demographic' - women 45 and older - she recognized that her best option was to re-purpose the series into short form episodes and take it to the web - the new frontier for independent voices.

Season Two is currently in pre-production. Eileen Katz who developed and produced some of MTV and Comedy Central's most successful and award-winning franchises including The Real World, SOUTH PARK and THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART has come on board as an Executive Producer. Emmy award-winning writer Judy Rothman Rofe has joined Jentis in the writers room along with the playwriting team of Pamela Weiler Grayson and Alice Jankell.

"My goal for Season Two is to create a vibrant behind-the-scenes community of women who connect with the stories," says Jentis. "I'm also considering hiring women directors." Casting just started and Jentis hopes to get other name talent for cameos.

The show is available to stream for free on Amazon. More information about the show can be found at