Supernatural Psycho-Thriller THE HOUSE Coming to VOD 6/1

Supernatural Psycho-Thriller THE HOUSE Coming to VOD 6/1

Acort International invites you to experience life in transit with The House, coming to VOD across North America starting June 1st, 2014. The film, rightfully deemed "A different kind of ghost story," will be available on all major and minor Cable/Satellite VOD operators as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Video and more.

About the Film

Like Jean-Paul Satre's famous words, "Hell is other people" -- characters in The House punish each other in their self-imposed psychological and spiritual entrapment. Set primarily in one location, this imaginative psycho-thriller roams in and out of the lives of lost souls, weaving reality with the other side. A ghost story that meditates on the precious gems along with the missed opportunities in this precarious thing we know as life.

In creating The House, acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Desiree Lim (Sugar Sweet, Floored by Love) sought to create a different kind of ghost story. Rather than aiming to spook viewers or make the hair on the back of their neck stand up, the film is a smart, character-driven psychological thriller that offers rich characters and a carefully designed ensemble story that leaves a lingering impression on audiences.

"As a living witness of both the 9/11 attacks and the financial meltdown, a Wall Street banker tries to understand why she survived both catastrophes unscathed, and searches for the meaning of life", says director Desiree Lim. "She continues to roam through life like the 'living dead' and uncannily encounters ghosts of the dead whom like herself, cannot move forward in their journey until they find some kind of resolution for their past deeds in life."

The House has premiered at and received awards from numerous film festivals including the Vancouver Women's Film Festival (Best Screenwriting Award and Best Performance Award), Vancouver Asian Film Festival, Newport Beach International Film Festival, and the Female Eye Film Festival, where it took home the award for Best Canadian Feature.

A former Wall Street investment banker retreats to an empty vacation home and she encounters souls still trapped in the haunted mansion. A cynical college professor, his bitter sister married to a devoted husband , a disgruntled cab driver and a washed-up drifter - all of whom are not even supposed to be there, because they're actually dead. As Jean reluctantly confronts these souls as tormented as herself, they inevitably end up in an entangled mass of secrets and lies...

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