Ryan Murphy Talks NORMAL HEART, NEW NORMAL, GLEE, and More!


GLEE creator Ryan Murphy recently chatted with Vulture about many of his upcoming projects, which include a film version of THE NORMAL HEART, A NEW NORMAL (featuring theatre veterans Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha), and more. Murphy revealed on THE NEW NORMAL: 'It's a lot of different ways of looking at families and the way our society is different now, thus the title. But that was my way in, certainly, my own story. I love that experience of going into a writers' room and saying, "Oh my God, this happened to me last week, what do you think?" and then working on that experience. That show is very personal to me.'

He added on THE NORMAL HEART: 'I love the story of these guys coming together and saying okay, the government is not helping us, we need to do something. Larry has been writing the script for several months with me.' 

As for the highly anticipated fourth season of GLEE, Murphy commented: 'We're doing a great tribute right off the bat, another Britney Spears episode. Many of the characters will be starting over as underdogs, which is a good thing for the show. I really made an effort, talking to all the regulars about it.'

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