New York Yankee Hero Jim Leyritz Set for CELEBRITY TASTE MAKERS, 8/31

New York Yankee Hero Jim Leyritz Set for CELEBRITY TASTE MAKERS, 8/31Filmmaker Antonio Saillant [Angel Light Pictures] friends of Jack and Jeff Sinanaj [Owners of Empire Steakhouse NY arranged with Celebrity Taste Makers, Tony Monte [executive-producer"Taste Makers"] to shoot a segment at the Empire Steak House after Celebrity Guest, Former NY YANKEE HERO Jim Leyritz picked the restaurant.

CELEBRITY TASTE Makers is about Celebrities, Conversation & Cuisine: The show that uncovers where the stars love to eat, and teaches you the recipe of their favorite dish. The Food & Fame show is in it's 7th season and shot episode #52 at NY's Empire Steak House, located on W. 54th St. between Eighth Avenue and Broadway, with New York Yankee World Series Hero and Catching Heat: The Jim Leyritz Story author, JIM LEYRITZ.

Leyritz played for the New York Yankees, Anaheim Angels, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers. With the Yankees, Leyritz was a member of the 1996 and 1999 World Series champions, both against the Atlanta Braves.

Celebrity Taste Makers [Food & Fame] is hosted by LISA MATEO, two-time Emmy nominated reporter for the PIX 11 Morning news. Season 7, incorporating new features in the celebrity driven culinary experience which airs on WPIX Channel 11 every Sunday night at 5:30.

The program produced by MELONTE PARTNERS, former record promotion exec, TONY MONTE and MELINDA MARTINEZ. CELEBRITY TASTE Makers is one of the only independently produced TV series airing on broadcast television in New York and found exclusively on Tribune affiliate and CW Flagship PIX 11. This episode with Jim Leyritz airs this Sunday [August 31, 2014] at 5:30pm on PIX 11.

Celebrity Taste Makers [Food & Fame] airs Sundays at 5:30PM on PIX11 [NY-NJ-CT] with host Lisa Mateo. For more information, visit or Tweet @TasteMakers_TV. Check out some of Lisa Mateo episodes on YouTube: