5 roles, 1 actress: Isabella Gómez Girón Releases New Short Film Q-FRIENDS

The creative and resourceful artist, Isabella Gómez Girón, released her new short film, Q-Friends, self shot and produced in quarantine towards the beginning of the pandemic.

By: Apr. 15, 2021

5 roles, 1 actress: Isabella Gómez Girón Releases New Short Film Q-FRIENDS

Colombian artist, and NYU Tisch Alumni, Isabella Gómez Girón just released a new short film: Q-Friends written, starred, and produced by her. The film can now be streamed on mowies.com.

On a Friday night during the beginning of the pandemic, while being completely alone in NYC, Isabella started an improvisation session with her computer's video recording app, where she interpreted different characters going through quarantine. Days later, the transcriptions of this improvisation session became the rough draft of the script of Q-Friends. A couple of weeks after, Isabella's apartment was transformed into 4 different ones and she shot the film with a broken iphone and tripod. Deniz Bulat, an actress, writer, and producer from Turkey, helped Isabella through Zoom by reading the other characters' lines. Isabella then edited out Deniz's voice and replaced it with her own. She learned how to use an editing program to put the film together and now she has shared it with the world!

Q-Friends is a short comedic film where Cassandrif, a 27 year old hat designer who still lives with her mother, Clara, a timid as a mouse girl who loves animals, Laura, a too cool for school teenager, and Mardin, a heartwarming Ecuatorian-French immigrant all join (or are forced by their parents to join) Q-Friends: an online program designed to forge new friendships during the isolation period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q-Friends is now being submitted to festivals. It can be streamed here: http://mwis.io/b6b-oErpXi2 !

Go enjoy it now!

Isabella Gómez Girón is a Colombian actress, writer, and dancer now based in NYC. For more information visit: https://isabellagomezgiron.wixsite.com/iggperformer