Glenn Close, James Franco to Star in THE GRACE THAT KEEPS THIS WORLD

Glenn Close, James Franco to Star in THE GRACE THAT KEEPS THIS WORLD

Deadline reports that Glenn Close, James Franco and Brit Marling will star in the upcoming screen adaptation of Tom Bailey's THE GRACE THAT KEEPS THIS WORLD. The screenplay will be penned by Matthew Aldrich. ("Cleaner," "Father Daughter Time").

The film will follow the story of a "father in a small town whose relationship with his sons is fraying following an investigation into hunting violations." Here's the book synopsis from Amazon:

Gary and Susan Hazen—high school sweethearts married for many years, born and bred in the Adirondack community of Lost Lake—live a simple and honest life and have instilled values in their two grown sons by example. But despite their efforts, Gary senses that his sons are starting to pull away and can’t help but feel he is at fault. His younger son, Kevin, has ambitions that extend far beyond the snowy edges of their small town. And his elder, Gary David, so fears disappointing his father that he is keeping an important part of his life secret.

No word yet as to when production on the film will get underway. 

Franco is currently directing "As I Lay Dying". The Academy Award-nominated actor appeared on stage last year in Three Performances in Search of Tennessee.

Two-time Tony Award-winner Glenn Close appeared on Broadway in The Real Thing, Death and the Maiden, Sunset Boulevard, and Barnum. Her many film credits include Albert Nobbs, Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction, The Natural, The Big Chill, and The World According to Garp. She received two Emmy Awards for her role on TV's Damages.

Malik will soon be seen in "Green Blades Rises."