Fest Film Lab Holds Directing Workshop With Peter Webber This Weekend

Fest Film Lab Holds Directing Workshop With Peter Webber This Weekend

After the highly successful London workshop, which sold out in less than a week, and due to popular demand, Film Fest Lab has managed to arrange a second date for the Peter Webber Directing Workshop, this time in the sunny city of Lisbon in Portugal. The workshop is designed for directors, film students, or anyone serious about a career in the film business or the area of directing.

This will be a great opportunity to develop your skills in Directing for Film with one of the greatest British Film Directors in activity. You will have an educational experience of excellence in a small and intimate group of only 25 participants maximum, with Peter Webber, director of films such as "Girl with a Pearl Earing" and "Hannibal Rising."

This two-day intensive workshop will take place in Lisbon and will be a great opportunity to learn the best techniques in the subject. The workshop has a price of 425EUR per person for the two days, and is strictly limited to 25 participants. Register fast to guarantee your place.

For more information and to register please visit our webpage on www.filmlab.fest.pt.

Peter Webber is without a doubt one of the greatest British film directors in activity.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth, marked Webber's feature film debut in a most impressive way. The film has received numerous accolades including 3 Academy Award Nominations, 2 Golden Globe Nominations, 10 BAFTA Award Nominations and many others.

Webber was then tapped by Dino de Laurentis to direct "Hannibal Rising," based on Thomas Harris' upcoming new book of the same name, and starring Gaspard Ulliel, Li Gong and Anthony Hopkins, Peter has recently
released a new Feature Film "Emperor", starring Tommy Lee Jones and Mathew Fox.

Peter Webber started his career with his short film, The Zebra Man, straight out of film school a film about sideshow performer Horace Ridler starring Minnie Driver. He then worked as a film editor, beginning his association with Girl with a Pearl Earring producers Andy Paterson and Anand Tucker on Tucker's drama debut, Saint-Ex, starring Miranda Richardson and Bruno Ganz.

Peter Weber's experience speaks for itself and guarantees the high standards participants have come to expect from Fest Film Lab.

The Film Directing workshop will focus on a diversity of topics of the art of directing a film, you will have the chance of not only receiving this knowledge from Peter Webber, but also interacting in a very strong way, as the group will have up to 25 participants, making it extremely practical and interactive. You will also have the opportunity to assess the issues you encountered on your films, and receiving the feedback to unblock situations in the future.

The topics covered on the workshop will be:

Film History is your friend.
Developing a hinterland
Auteur versus Industry - the realities of the business.
DIY - low budget approaches
The writer/director conundrum
The genius myth
Understanding your abilities

Looking at the steps before you go into production
The development process
Raising finance
Producers and writers
Hollywood versus Europe
The One Hour Meeting

Aesthetic overview - the look and the story
Crewing up
Casting and auditioning
Location hunting
Rehearsing/working with actors before the shoot
How to work with:
Art department
Assistant directors
Planning for Digital VFX

The politics - picking your battles
The fear
Planning your day
Blocking the scene
Storyboards on set
Shooting strategy
Blocking the scene
The Master shot trap
The second unit

Working with an editor
Digital VFX in post
Guide music
Working with a composer
Test screenings
Sound Design
The final sound mix
Test screenings

Film Festivals
The Press
The Internet and Social Media

The workshop will take place on May 24-15 at the Universidade Lusofona, Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisbon Portugal. The workshop will last for 16 hours.

Photo Credit: Fest Film Lab