E! News Presents JOB SWITCH WEEK, Beg. Tonight

E! News Presents JOB SWITCH WEEK, Beg. Tonight

Ever thought about how our fabulous E! News hosts would fare in other careers? Well, we did. And we couldn't resist finding out! All next week, E! News will be turning the tables on our hosts and switching up their responsibilities for a series of hilarious sketches.

Can Jason pick out the perfect dress at G's wardrobe fitting? Will Terrence discover his calling as an overly strict security guard? Find out if our hosts can hack it in their new roles when the hysterical antics of E! News "Job Switch Week" kick off this Monday, July 7th, and continues all week at 7:00pm ET/PT and 11:30pm ET/PT.

Highlights from "Job Switch Week" include:

"Sign Spinners" - Giuliana takes over as president of E! and implements a cost-saving new advertising campaign.

"Dirty Terry" - Terrence temporarily becomes head of E! security AKA "Dirty Terry." He rules with an iron fist and a mobility scooter.

"Ken's Big Promotion" - Ken takes on the most important job here at E!: Senior Bathroom Attendant.

"G's Special Assistant"- After Giuliana's assistant calls in sick, Jason graciously agrees to fill in.
"Ali Spielberg" - Ali tries directing the show, but during rehearsals she butchers an on-camera tease.