Dan Marino Talks Tannehill, Jets & More on CBS's NFL MONDAY QB

This week's NFL MONDAY QB on CBS Sports Network on Monday, Oct. 1 featured a recap of Week 4 of the NFL season, as well as an interview with NFL ON CBS analyst Dan Marino, who talked to Phil Simms and host Adam Schein about Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Robert Griffin III and the New York Jets.

Led by Simms, THE NFL ON CBS lead analyst and Super Bowl XXI MVP, Super Bowl XXXVII quarterback and 2002 NFL MVP Rich Gannon and 17-year veteran and 1999 NFL All Pro quarterback Steve Beuerlein, NFL MONDAY QB brings together an elite roster of quarterbacks providing their unique and compelling opinions to break down the week's games, focusing on how quarterback play impacted the games, key plays, clutch drives, crucial decisions, star performances, winning and losing efforts and much more.

CBS Sports Network Coordinating Producer Drew Kaliski produces. Steve Karasik and Tyler Hale serve as Executive Producers of NFL MONDAY QB.

Following are excerpts from the show:

Steve Beuerlein: If Rex Ryan is being honest, he'd say it was a bad game plan. They were putting Mark Sanchez in bad situations. And the 49ers just came out and dominated from the get-go. Say what you want to say, but Mark Sanchez is the best option for the New York Jets right now. No doubt about it.

Phil Simms: Don't bench him yet. It's way too early. You spend all offseason and training camp training a quarterback. You gave him a new contract. Let's give him a chance. A couple things bothered me yesterday about Mark Sanchez, though. One, he anticipated the throw. He anticipated so much, I think that's why he missed some easy completions. And two, the thing that's always caught me when I watch him throw, he's a very over-the-top thrower. And when that timing is not perfect, where are you going to miss those throws? They're going to go high. And yesterday he missed five or six throws that were easy. He threw them over the receiver.

Rich Gannon: The Wildcat hasn't been very productive so far this season. Look at Tim Tebow's numbers. They've been very average. Very modest at best. There's a reason they brought in Tony Sparano. They brought in Tony Sparano to run the football. If the Jets can't run the football, they're not going to win with or without Tim Tebow. If he plays 20 or 30 snaps a game. It doesn't make a difference. They've got to be able to run the football. Mark Sanchez has to play better. And Then They sprinkle in Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is not going to be the difference-maker this season for the Jets.

Dan Marino: You look at the fact that Santonio Holmes got hurt in this game. (Sanchez) doesn't have their tight end Dustin Keller. The weapons aren't there for him. In watching what happened to them this week against San Francisco, they just got beat up. They got run over as a football team. Mark Sanchez struggled as far as throwing the football. I'm not sure where they're going to go right now.

Simms: How he played this past weekend was borderline spectacular. He was valiant in defeat. He was courageous. He was out there willing his team to victory. For the whole game, he willed it. He did have that fumble at the end, but overall his performance was spectacular. You have to believe in Cam Newton.

Gannon: He's ultra-competitive. I think he has a tough time handling a loss or handling poor play. And that's something that he's going to have to get better with – just controlling his emotion on the sideline. But he's playing some outstanding football right now for the Panthers.

(ON Chris PondER):
Gannon: The only quarterback in the league that hasn't thrown an interception. His movement is better in the pocket. He's stronger. He's throwing the ball with more accuracy. Just overall playing with a lot more confidence than he did as a rookie.

Simms: My advice: Man, let it go. Go out there and have confidence. Believe in what you see. And let it go. That's the only way you can have success in the NFL. You have to be confident and take some chances.

Marino: They like Ryan Tannehill. They like his skill set. Watching him a couple times throw the football, seeing him on film a little bit, he can make all the throws. He's a tall guy. He can run. He can move in the pocket. I like what they're doing with him early where they're moving him out of the pocket some. They're putting him on the move. And I like the fact too, there were a couple times where he changed the play at the line of scrimmage late in the ball game. He took some shots down the field. So he's not afraid to make a change at the last minute at the line of scrimmage. They can build around this kid.<