Broadway's Steve Hayes Joins PEOPLE YOU KNOW for Episode 3

Broadway's Steve Hayes Joins PEOPLE YOU KNOW for Episode 3

Steven Hayes joins People you Know as Patrick Carter, a legendary Broadway performer who is coming off a disastrous tour and is in serious need of distractions. Episode three will be available beginning Monday, July 14 on the series website ( through the Vimeo On Demand service. People you Know is a provocative series where the seven Deadly Sins corrupt a group of thirty-something urbanites, threatening their chance for happiness and love, as they strive to achieve their dreams while surviving the drama. Steve's character first appears in episode three.

Steve, a three-time MAC award winner and veteran of NY Stage, best remembered for his performances in the film Trick. He also hosts the highly popular web show Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies. Though Patrick often acts as The Voice of reason in the series, he struggles to listen to his own advice.

"I really loved what they wrote for me - Patrick is a lot of fun to play and I am really excited to see what kind of antics he gets up to," Steve Hayes says. "You know that Patrick will be there with a kind word and a quick joke - that's what really sold me on working on the series. He's genuine, but likes to have a little fun - I like that."

Catch Steve Hayes as Patrick right now in the first of two episodes in season one. Take a look at the preview to get a glimpse of him in action.

"Steve is so incredible and really got the character of Patrick straight away," says co-creator John Dylan DeLaTorre. "It was a great seeing Steve completely take what we wrote and make it his own."

OW Productions will resume production on the final 7 episodes of season one in early fall. People you Know is available for purchase now through the series website. Individual episodes will be released throughout the summer, but for those who don't like waiting for episodes to come out can binge watch the first six episodes of season one.

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