BWW Recaps: TEEN WOLF Hey, Mr. D.J., Stop Playing That Song!

Remember last week when Scott faked his death so we could figure out who the Benefactor was? Remember when we were all convinced that Lydia's grandmother was the Benefactor? In all honesty, could we have BEEN more wrong? Is your jaw still dropped, or is it just mine?

Okay so if THAT didn't deserve a WTF, I don't know what does. That felt more like a finale than a regular episode. Ok, lets break it down...

Let's start at the beginning when Deputy Haigh, aka Incredible Hulk Jr., tries to kill our beloved Deputy Parrish. In the first of a series of OMG moments, a very not dead Deputy showed up at the station to take revenge on Deputy Haigh. (#nakedParrish)

So what the heck is Parrish? Obviously he's supernatural, but what? In a rare moment of prioritizing, Derek and Scott decided to skip that whole 'let's figure out this exposition stuff' and skipped to the more pressing issue at hand. The assassins were still coming and clearly they weren't all professionals anymore. Especially since the kill list was now being fed into everyone's printers. Even worse? Liam's price tag has been bumped up to 18 mil and Derek isn't even on the list anymore. That can't be a good sign.

Stiles and Lydia decide to try and decipher a password for the code left for Lydia by her grandmother, Lorraine. Lydia figures out that it is 'A-R-I-E-L' because of her passion for "The Little Mermaid." (#notthedisneyversion) Bringing the new kill list to the very alive Deputy Parrish, they find it's not a 'dead pool,' it's a 'long-dead pool' and it includes Lorraine Martin: Lydia's grandmother.

Scott takes off to the Bon Fire at school, because every now and then we need to remember that they attend High School. While there, he sees a very nervous Liam and a very aloof Malia. Both have decided to drink their troubles away. The problem is, werewolves can't get drunk. So why are they acting so strange? Scott starts to feel it too because it's not the alcohol, it's the music! Succumbing to the poisonous (?) music, Scott, Malia and Liam are at the mercy of the security guards/assassins until Mason figures it out (#sideburns) and unplugs the worst evil DJ since Zoolander. (#housemusicwillbetheendofusall)

The supernaturals regain their power in the knick of time and Derek and Braeden arrive to assist. Scott now knows that Derek is losing his powers and is training through weaponry and regular old human fighting.

Stiles and Lydia go to investigate further but the gatekeeper, "Brunski" first extorts them to see the files and then winds up capturing them. See, he killed Lydia's grandmother, and then Meredith as he is the Benefactor...right?

NOPE! Parrish arrives and shoots Brunski right before he confesses that he was being controlled by...wait for it...MEREDITH!!!!



Meredith is the Benefactor.


Here's What I know:

  • Talk about a giant bait and switch...twice! Grandma Martin, then Brunski, then Meredith?

  • Stiles is not aware of fairy tales before Disney.

  • It was kind of nice to have a Peter/Kate breather. Not that I don't love them, but this episode had way too many things to deal with already.

  • High School Bonfires sure have changed.

Here's What I don't know:

  • How did Meredith fake her death? Didn't Parrish find her?

  • How did Deputy Haigh survive that brutal beating by Parrish?

  • Will there be more nude Parrish scenes?

  • What is UP with Mason's sideburns?

Lines I love:

Parrish - Are all of you like Lydia? Are you all psychic?

Derek - Scott, banshees don't predict danger; they predict death.

Stiles - What did you read?

Lydia - The Little Mermaid.

Stiles - You read that movie?

Lydia -

Well, ya got me, "Teen Wolf." I absolutely did not see that coming. I thought I was brilliant a few episodes back when I guessed it was Parrish. and he killed Meredith and made it look like a suicide and then threw his own name on the list for distraction. But much like Jon Snow...I know nothing.

Is Derek doomed? I feel like they're REALLY pushing that almost to the point of it being way too obvious to kill him off. At this point, my money is still on Scott's Dad. Of the main characters, I'd be most worried for Lydia or Malia but I just don't see that happening. Only a few episodes left before the mid-season finale. How will they top tonight's huge reveal? Let me know if you got fooled too in the comments below.

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