BWW Recap: When You're Good to Mama, Mama's Good to You on NEW GIRL

After an extended hiatus, NEW GIRL is finally back. With Jess on the rebound and Cece in an unfamiliar position of unrequited love, the crew's romantic lives are all over the place, just the way we like them.

When Coach sets Jess up with Pete from his gym, Jess decides to live on the edge and send her version of a sext. (A photo of her with her bra over her clothes). With no response from Pete, Jess and Cece come to the conclusion that he is blowing her off and they go to confront him. However, the reason he hasn't responded is because he died in a freak accident. Jess convinces Coach and Cece that the right thing to do is to go to the Memorial service even though Coach barely knew him and Jess had only been on two dates with him. However, at the very small service, Jess meets Pete's girlfriend, Val, and realizes that Pete was just a giant liar. He told everyone he was a sports agent, even J.J. Watt who shows up to also pay his respects. Coach, Jess and Cece along with J.J. go on a mad hunt for Pete's phone as they don't want Val to see Jess' "sext" and J.J.'s last text which was firing Pete. After some inspired musical number distractions, Val eventually discovers the phone and realizes Pete was nothing but a liar.

Schmidt's Mom, Louise (Guest Star, Nora Dunn) arrives to fill Schmidt with anxiety. When Nick decides he and Schmidt should invest in the bar, Schmidt has to ask Louise for his bar mitzvah money she never gave him. She agrees as long as he writes his thank you notes. With the help of Winston and his partner, Ali, they figure out the guest list and Schmidt completes the notes. He finally does confront his mother and get his money back, but only after she has a heart to heart with a stranger at the nail salon (Cece) who advises her she has to let go a little bit.

Winston is desperately trying to get his partner, Ali (Guest Star, Nasim Pedrad) to bond with him but she keeps blowing him off. She finally confesses that she got close to her last partner and he fell in love with her and it ruined everything. Winston scoffs at the idea and the two share a beer.

So even if this episode wasn't one of the most hilarious, it certainly did set up a LOT of scenarios for the last few episodes of the season. Cece bonding with Schmidt's Mom, Louise, after she admits to Louise that she is still in love with her ex is bound to come back into play at some point. Winston is clearly going to fall head over heels for Ali, because if there is one thing our boy, Winston, can't resist, it's something he cannot have. And with Jess on the rebound and Nick still single, are these two bound for a slip up in their blissful breakup? I can honestly see that happening before the end of the season. And kudos to J.J. Watt for a charming little cameo. He's quite the adorable one, isn't he?

With the good news that NEW GIRL just got picked up for Season Five, I'm sure none of these storylines will be wrapped up with a bow before the end of the season, but it sure does give us some hope for some upcoming love conflicts. And, oh, how we love that in Apartment 4D.

Lines I Love:

  • Nick - Do we have any rich friends we can borrow money from? Schmidt - Well let's think about it, there's the middle school vice principal, there's the cop, the gym teacher, let's not forget about the Community College student... lotta options.

  • Schmidt - Try learning about the birds and the bees from her using a donut and a banana, neither one of which are used for what you think they are. Nick - How could that be?

  • Schmidt - So how's Susan? Susan's my mom's work friend who she works with. Susan cuts her own firewood. Schmidt's Mom - Susan's my girlfriend. We just got a new mattress so "Work" has been more comfortable.

  • Nick - We don't have the money, but we're the right guys. Michael - The right guys would have the money.... or Kieran Culkin's mouth. Nick - How about Owen Wilson's nose?

  • Louise - I just think you'd be more of a success, socially, if you let people come to you.

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