BWW Recap: It's Truth or Consequences in 'The Zygon Invasion' on DOCTOR WHO

Zygon are back, and they are breaking the ceasefire established in The Day of the Doctor. As we learned from both Osgoods, there is a ceasefire, and if one human or Zygon goes rogue, that ceasefire will break. Unfortunately that occurs, and there are 20 million Zygons to deal with. One of the Osgoods dies, and the other is captured by Zygons and taken to the base in Turmezistan.

The Doctor and Clara reunite with U.N.I.T. to try to come up with a solution. Whereas Kate just wants to bomb the Zygon base in Turmezistan, The Doctor obviously wants to come up with a solution that doesn't involve killing innocent Zygons who just want to live in peace. The Doctor decides that he will go to Turmezistan, Kate will go to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to look into where Osgood was undercover, and Clara will stay in the UK to protect it.

While The Doctor is in Turmezistan, he meets up with the U.N.I.T. operatives there. After the Zygons, taking the form of loved ones, trick the soliders, the commanding officer orders a strike on the base, where Osgood is being held captive. Thankfully, The Doctor finds and saves Osgood before the entire base is destroyed.

The Doctor and Osgood interrogate a captured Zygon and find out that Zygons want to be able to live on Earth in their true form-they just want a home, but they're willing to kill in order to get it.

Meanwhile, Kate finds the ruins of Truth or Consequences and meets a police officer who tells her about the "British immigrants" aka Zygons who came and killed everyone. However, Kate unfortunately finds out that the officer she met is in fact a Zygon herself.

Speaking of humans being Zygons, the cliffhanger of this episode is the reveal that Clara has been a Zygon for the majority of the episode! When she went to check on the little boy in her apartment's parents (who were Zygons) she was actually taken and put into a pod, and her Zygon copy, Bonnie, has been pretending to be her the entire time. Bonnie traps and kills U.N.I.T. operatives in England and then sets out to finish securing England for the Zygons: by blowing up the plane the Doctor is on.

Right before setting off a missile straight for the plane, Bonnie talks to The Doctor on the phone and let's him know that Clara and Kate are dead. The episode ends with a "To Be Continued" right at the point when we here the plane explode, but are looking at the Clara copy.

Even though I saw the Clara/Zygon copy coming, I thought it was still a good use of storyline, because it keeps adding to Clara and her hard to pin down character. There have been more than one occasion this season where Clara was supposedly dead, and if that isn't hinting at the her fate, I don't know what is. Jenna Coleman will be leaving DOCTOR WHO at the end of this season, but this could be the first time a companion leaves in the reboot because she is killed. The closest to death was Amy and Rory, but even they were just sent back in time. I for one think The Doctor might have an idea of what happens to Clara, because he's been much more protective as usual, and it's not unlike The Doctor to actually be an older version of himself (like the 11th Doctor was in season 6). I know that he depature will be one of the saddest, and even with all of this preparation, I'm still not ready.

Osgood's character has brought up a recurring theme in this season of Doctor Who: hybrids. The last time we saw Osgood was when she was cornered by her Zygon copy. However, her and her copy became close, and were the protectors of the ceasefire. When one of the copies died, the question remained: which Osgood is the one who is left, the human or the Zygon? Osgood made it clear, though, that both Osgoods were both human and Zygon, so it doesn't matter. The Doctor, while interrogating Osgood to try and figure it out, realized that she was a hybrid. This is the third time that hybrids have been brought up-- the previous two being Davros and Ashildr. I just wonder how this recurring theme will be incorporated into the last season, and if it will have anything to do with Clara.

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