BWW Recap: Here Come the Lies in this week's 'Pretty Little Liars'

BWW Recap: Here Come the Lies in this week's 'Pretty Little Liars'

BWW Recap: Here Come the Lies in this week's 'Pretty Little Liars'

Hello LiArs!

Now, that's what I call an episode. From Ella calling off her wedding to Ali's alleged kidnapper turning himself in, "March of Crimes" dished up the drama. Before we get into the nitty gritty, I've got to point two characters that really made their resurgence this episode: Jenna and Noel.

Rosewood's resident blind villain surely proved that she isn't the helpless little Jenna she once was. With Sydney's help, Jenna seems to playing tricks on Spencer. Did she arrange the letters in Spence's eye test to read "Can U C Me Yet? A" Or was our masked crusader the one to blame? Spencer hardly had any down time this episode as she was quickly spooked and cornered by Noel at her lake house. While the two shared a totally creepy face off, I can't quite tell whose side Noel is on. Is he really just as scared as the liars? Or are their ulterior motives brooding inside him? Whatever side you think he's on, I think it's easy to agree that Mr. Kahn is one shady teen! If I were Spencer, I would've given the intruder a little more than a scratch on the hand to remind him who he's messing with.

While the girls continue to downward spiral - Hanna continuing to drink (though I'm loving her "Rosewood" embroidered jean jacket), Aria crumbling under pressure with Lieutenant Tanner - Emily seems to be as strong as ever. From accepting her position as assistant coach of the Rosewood swim team to sneaking into Noel's car and nabbing some strange evidence, Emily's ferocity unleashed itself on a seemingly timid Sydney. I've gotta say, I loved this side of Emily. The girl is finally standing up for herself! At least someone isn't self-destructing with Ali back in town.

Thankfully, Hanna and Aria made up tonight and although I enjoyed the drama between the two besties, I'm glad it's over. With all their lies complicating, the girls are going to need each other to fall back on. Aria's line of "It wasn't so much I didn't believe you as I wanted to believe something more" was exceptionally spot on and really managed to convey the crestfallen hope the girls have for returning to normalcy.

Pretty Little Liars really has a knack for creepy dudes and Ella's fiance -well, I suppose ex-fiance - Zach is no excuse. Looks like our sleazy barista has a history of hitting on younger ladies and Ella finally had enough. Their short lived engagement bummed me out because I was looking forward to a Rosewood Wedding! Imagine the shenanigans that would go on...

Moving on, Caleb threatening Zach moments before their engagement party was killer and I'm overjoyed to see a flicker of our old Caleb back in action. Let's hope he and Hanna clean up their act and sail into calmer waters. But, we know that's hardly the norm in Rosewood. Despite Zach being guilty, A surely played into his flirtation with Hanna and that alone raises dozens of actions. Why is A wasting energy on dismantling Ella's potential happiness? Is he/she trying to tear apart the liars from within? Other than A's part in Zach's downfall and the final moments of the show in the Ophthalmologist's office, where is our hooded villain? I feel like A is preparing for something...something big and hearing that our Summer FinAle is only two weeks away, I BET I'm right.

Finally, Alison is yet again summoned to the police station, but this time it's not questions awaiting our blonde liar. It's her alleged kidnapper. Who is this guy?! I'm 99.9% sure we've never seen him before but something in the glint of Alison's eye tells me she knows something we don't. Has she crafted the ultimate blackmail and forced him into a fake confession? Or could this be one of Mrs. D's final projects before she bit the dust? I was practically at the edge of my seat as Mrs. Marin asked Ali if this was the man who kidnapped her, crossing my fingers that she would say something, anything! But, in true PLL fashion, the episode ends before Ali can answer, leaving us all wondering: Who is the confessor?

Who do you think Ali's alleged kidnapper is? Is Noel Kahn on the A team? Or is he just as scared as everyone else in Rosewood? Send me your thoughts in the comments below!