BWW Recap: Everyone's Got Secrets on this Week's GREY'S ANATOMY

BWW Recap: Everyone's Got Secrets on this Week's GREY'S ANATOMY

BWW Recap: Everyone's Got Secrets on this Week's GREY'S ANATOMY

Last night's episode of GREY'S ANATOMY was all about secrets. Specifically, the deep dark personal secrets that are just too revealing to tell anybody. The episode was aptly titled "None of Your Business". Several characters found themselves navigating romantic, professional and familiar relationships while keeping a secret close to the chest. By the end of the episode, most of those secrets remained unspoken. This might seem frustrating to viewers who just want our favorite characters to open up and share...but at the same time, it is pretty darn realistic.

The episode opens with Alex explaining to Meredith and Maggie that no, he isn't in hiding...Deluca had the charges dropped by telling the District Attorney that he would get on the stand and say that he and Alex had gotten into a fight and that he had started it. Alex wants to know why Deluca did this, but Deluca just walks away. I mean, it's obviously for Ben hilariously points out to Bailey with a bit of an eye roll. Deluca later confirms this when Alex apologizes to him for what he did. He also berates Alex for taking this long to apologize to him. In Alex's defence, in any other reality, there would have been a formal no contact order in place, plus, up to this point, Alex had entered a "not guilty" plea, so his lawyer probably would have advised against an apology in which he admits guilt. That said, it was a great moment between the two and I am intrigued by their dynamic moving forward...especially with a potential love triangle brewing.

Meanwhile, Jo hasn't slept in days (the last two episodes were to have taken place within the same 48-or-so hour time span as this one) and she gets sent home. It is only at the end of the episode that she even finds out that Alex is free. She attends Meredith's house, gives him a meaningful silent hug outside, and then basically silently mopes away. Alex may now know her secret about her ex-husband, but she still has her walls up.

Speaking of walls, the patient of the week is a woman who got herself tangled in a mess of barbed wire after trying to take down the fortress she and her husband had buily to protect them from the world. Once in the recovery room, she explains to Owen that the wall was supposed to be protective, but it eventually felt more like a prison and that she knew that only she had the power to make the choice to take it down and get herself out into the real world. Unfortunately, in her attempt to do so, she slipped and fell into the newly dismantled wire and got seriously injured. She ends up losing a leg and likens herself to an animal that bites off it's own limb in it's determination to escape and be free. She has left Owen a juicy metaphor on a silver platter and Owen decides to put it to good use. He heads on over to Steph's house to confront Amelia about how she needs to break down her own walls and open her own doors and that while he can't do it for her, he will be there when she does...but not forever. This is quite the message for her to process as she stands on the other side of that door. She certainly seems to be reflecting on what he is saying, but she doesn't open the door for him. She is also noticeably wedding we shall see what happens. Interestingly, the patient storyline almost seemed to have competing metaphors. On the one hand, the message is about tearing down one's walls, on the other, Owen's arms gets sliced up pretty badly while trying to help this woman. Will he perhaps experience some emotional injury if he continues to try to help Amelia through her pain? It will be interesting to see where they go with this.

Elsewhere, there are new developments in the People vs Eliza Minnick storyline. Catherine Avery is back in town and April assumes she will help end Minnick's attempt to oust Richard. Little does anyone but Bailey know that this was all actually Catherine's idea in the first place. This is her secret, and she may act like it is just business, but you know it is going to get personal. How could it not? This is her husband. Richard figures it out and confronts her near the end of the episode. This is going to get awkward!

Speaking of awkward...and April...she apparently has a new job! Bailey suspends Meredith for not being supportive of Minnick and it is revealed at the end of the episode that April is her temporary replacement. This will inevitably be seen as a betrayal and one has to wonder if this is part of a manipulative master plan to dismantle the resistance that the Attendings have built. If so...who's plan? Bailey's? She can be a dragon!

Last, but certainly not least, we get to meet Maggie's mom! Diane Pierce is in town for a visit with her daughter and a consult with Jackson. No one's parent ever visits if they aren't sick (except for Mrs. Shepherd that one time) so I was immediately concerned for Diane. It turns out, I was right to be concerned. She has Breast Cancer. Jackson offers to help her tell Maggie, but Maggie does not let this happen and instead takes the opportunity to rail into her mother about divorcing her father and for barging into her life without notice. Not the time, Maggie! Diane leaves without telling Maggie about her Cancer. Prior to everything becoming sad and horrible, Diane (played by LaTanya Richardson Jackson) brings some great levity to the episode. She has fun interactions with several characters and she makes Meredith lasagna (so glad someone is feeding Meredith's children!). The one thing I loved more than Maggie's mom was how much Meredith loved Maggie's mom!

In summary: Diane, Amelia, Deluca, Catherine, Bailey and to some extent Jo, are still keeping some serious secrets and not letting anyone break down their metaphorical walls. As Jo's voiceover says at the end of the episode "We have to keep some things to ourselves or else anyone can get to us. They'll see the stuff we don't show anyone. So we build the walls high and wide and we lock the gates". Will any of these walls come tumbling down? I guess we will have to tune in next week to find out!

GREY'S ANATOMY airs at 7pm on CTV and 8pm on ABC

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