BWW Preview: New Beginnings Await in New Season of MODERN FAMILY

In last season's finale, Pepper (Nathan Lane) orchestrated a change of wedding venues, while Jay and Gloria mended the broken relationship between Merle and Barb. Meanwhile, Phil tried to incorporate a magic trick into his new role in the wedding, while Luke and Manny acted like an old married couple, much to Alex's delight. Looking at events that occurred in the season finale that might act as a jumping off point when the Emmy-winner kicks off its sixth season next month, Haley spends the episode contemplating her true feelings for Andy (Adam DeVine) the manny (whose feelings for her seem to be reciprocated, as he's seen waiting in the taxi outside the wedding venue), and of course, Mitch & Cam are officially hitched.

The season finale provided a lot of interesting storylines to explore in the upcoming season. Cam and Mitch are now officially married, so that'll create interesting possibilities, and Haley & manny Andy seem to have a blossoming relationship, even if neither knows they like the other (or in Haley's case, if SHE even recognizes she likes him). It'll be nice to see how this season unfolds, especially because we're now into that territory where we're (well, I'm) ready to the family tackle something new, which, with the show being in its sixth season, is easier to do as the groundwork and familial relationships have all been laid out. Should be fun.

I don't believe the marriage will change Mitch & Cam's dynamic THAT much - nor should it - and by that, I mean the couple still pretty much acted as a MARRIED couple in the previous seasons. There was no acknowledgment that they were NOT a couple, akin to Chandler & Monica of FRIENDS in season 6 and 7 vs. 8 and 9, but at the same time, it will definitely be nice to have them acknowledged as one that is (finally!) married. And yes, again, in the vein of FRIENDS, their marriage may open up different storylines now that they're married (of course, unlike Monica & Chandler, they do have a kid), and that's always fun to explore and watch.

The Haley/Andy storyline is definitely compelling, and I'm excited to see where that goes, considering that Alex said in the finale, "[Andy's] so not your type" - or at least, he's much different than the other beaus Haley's had on the show, mainly Ethan (played by Sarah Hyland's then-real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop) and of course, the dim-witted Dylan (Reid Ewing). It was nice to see Haley contemplate actual feelings for him too, rather than open the episode with the relationship already established, as was the case with Dylan, and for the most part (though it was mostly Claire's part) Ethan.

There are also reports that the Dunphys will be getting new (recurring) neighbors, played by Steve Zahn & Andrea Anders.

Without seeming as though I'm favoring the Dunphy kids, I really hope to see some sort of romance for Alex or Luke this season. I think in earlier seasons the writers may have shied away from the idea because of the ages (of the actors AND the characters), but both characters are old enough now, and Gould and Winter have both shined in their roles in recent seasons - I'd be interested in seeing what a romantic interest would do for them- and it might provide a reason for both the actors and the writers to explore something new.

I also thoroughly enjoy watching "old father" Jay interact with "new baby" Joe, so I hope that pairing continues as well.

And of course, in other MODERN FAMILY related news, the show pretty much cleaned up at the Emmys this year! The show took home Best Comedy Series, tieing with FRAISER to become the only two shows to win their specific top honors in their first five seasons on the air. Ty Burrell also picked up a second Emmy, and Gail Mancuso won for her stellar direction of the oh-so-hilarious "Las Vegas" episode. Yes, I know there was stiff competition this year, and I wish all of them the best, BUT I truly believe every one of these "ModFam" actors is top-notch, and that is - coupled with what is some of the best writing on television- what makes this show a hit, and what will make its SIXTH season so incredibly entertaining and enjoyable!

Season Six of MODERN FAMILY premieres on Wednesday, September 24 at 9pm on ABC. Photo taken from MODERN FAMILY's official Facebook page.

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