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BWW Interview: Rachael Harris Talks LUCIFER!

Aside from "Lucifer," Harris is known for roles on "Sister, Sister," "Reno 911!," "New Girl," "Suits," and "The Good Wife."

BWW Interview: Rachael Harris Talks LUCIFER!

BroadwayWorld had the pleasure of connecting with Rachael Harris, star of the Netflix series "Lucifer!"

In Part B of the stunning fifth season of Lucifer, God himself comes to Earth. Secrets will be revealed, heroic sacrifices will be made, and the world will never be the same.

It premiered May 28th on Netflix.

Aside from "Lucifer," Harris is known for roles on "Friends," "Frasier," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Modern Family," and "New Girl." She also appeared in the 2009 off-Broadway production of "Love, Loss, and What I Wore."

Harris talked about her character, Dr. Linda Martin, and shared what she's been up to during the pandemic.

Read the full interview below!

Tell me about the new season of Lucifer! What has you most excited about the season release?

Hi! This new season, 5B, is all about the introduction of God (played by Dennis Haysbert) and his effect on each character. We have some great directors and guest casts, and we had a lot of fun with all of them! The most exciting thing for me, personally, was getting to do an episode entirely about Linda and her relationship with her daughter. I had such a fantastic time shooting it for many reasons. I loved the script written by Jenn Imada and working with Alexandria Grossi, who played my daughter, but it was working so closely with director Richard Speight that was so rewarding. As an actor/director and a friend of the show, he was invested and articulated what he wanted but gave me the freedom to do what I do before getting in my head. Meaning he trusted my instincts, and we worked together on visually what he wanted and what the other actors and I needed emotionally for the scene. Shooting with Richard is a truly collaborative experience.

How has the pandemic affected your life and work?

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. In early January, my two-year-old and I tested positive for Covid. My four-year-old was home with us and never contracted it. We quarantined for eight days, all while I was very sick, and got through it with the help of close friends and their father. I am grateful I don't have any lasting ailments from Covid, and my kids are healthy, but having it has made me thankful for my healthy body every day. It's changed my perspective for the better in every way. Work, while having to get tested and wear masks and stay distant, was a blessing. It was incredible how Warner Brothers put together safe protocols for all of us to work. They went above and beyond to make us safe. It was such a gift to be able to continue shooting. Was it easy? No. But we did it, and I think we're all stronger for going through that experience and better for it!

What's it like to be part of the massive behemoth that is comic book adaptations for the screen?

In one word. Thrilling. The fans that are OG fans of the comic book embraced us, and I think that speaks volumes to our showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, our producers, and writers. When we meet the fans, they feel like family. They may have opinions about what they liked and didn't like, but they are always supportive and loving like family. I've never experienced that from any other show.

What's in store for Dr. Linda Martin? What was the best part of filming this season?

The best part of filming this season was episode 13 and the final three episodes. Also, being a musical theatre major from Otterbein University, it felt great to put on my old musical hat and sing a few bars in our musical episode. In the future, look for Dr. Linda to struggle with her purpose! What do you do after you've worked with the most intriguing patient ever?!

What other projects do you have coming up?

I've been working with my best friend, Cheryl Hines, on a project! I've loved that process and found it so rewarding that I'm more self-generating than I've ever been. I enjoy being a part of "the making of" the project and developing. Women have so much to say, and we're being heard and given more opportunities and platforms to tell our stories more than ever, so I've got some stories to tell! I also just worked with a fantastic, funny director from Canada. That's about all I can say, but I'm excited!


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