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Sarah Brightman Talks Aliens, Autobiographies & Singing In The Shower For Fan Q&A


The Angel Of Music on aliens and singing in the shower!

Internationally celebrated recording artist, performer and vocalist Sarah Brightman continues her new space-themed DREAMCHASER tour this month throughout Asia and celebrates achieving 1 million Facebook followers with a new fan Q&A now available to view.

When asked what song she would sing were she to encounter an extraterrestrial, Brightman shares a favorite YouTube clip, positing, "Here is an amazing piece of music and video by Fat Boy Slim that would be perfect to share with them."

Additionally, questioned about singing in the shower, Brightman remarks, "Yes I love to sing in the shower, and actually most people do - even if they can't sing very well. The reason for this is because hot or cold water makes us feel very happy and makes us alive and awake and to sing shows a feeling about happiness. You know the old saying, a bird cannot sing when it has nothing to sing about, which is basically saying, if you are unhappy you can not sing and of course showers make us happy. Also showers have wonderful echos in them, so ones voice actually sounds far better in there, then it possibly is (sorry to tell you that). One of the very first things my singing coach told me when I was younger, was to never do my warm up for a performance in the shower room because you get a false sense of security in there... but all of those to enjoy singing in the shower and don't do it for a profession- should just go ahead and enjoy every second!"

Furthermore, as for an autobiography, Brightman reveals, "Yes I would like to do an autobiography. Its always a difficult call to make because obviously you know as your life comprises of wonderful scenarios which include other peoples lives and what happens - I wouldn't necessarily want to give their stories as well as it might not be appropriate, so I have always been very careful about this - I have been very lucky in that most scenarios with human beings in my life especially in the world I live, have been incredibly there would not be anything negative to tell, but I am just very aware that other people might not want their actions talked about, which is why I have not written one so far."

Of note, Brightman's latest album, the space-themed DREAMCHASER, was released last year and is in stores now.

More information on Sarah Brightman is available at her official site here, with new tour dates available to peruse here.

Additionally, check out my extensive 2013 InDepth InterView with Sarah Brightman all about the new DREAMCHASER album and tour as well as much more, available here.

View the new video of Sarah Brightman celebrating 1 million Facebook followers below.

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