Rebecca Roubion is thrilled to announce the release of her debut EP "FIELDS." Released just this November, this compellation exudes light and airy tunes, despite the depth of Roubion’s vocal grit and lyrical profundity. A product of New Orleans and raised in Mobile AL, Roubion is an indie-pop artist akin to both soul and folk roots and discovered her craft pouring over countless pages of poetry during her first heartache in highschool. Having studied piano since the age of 7, she immediately put her first poem to music, giving birth to her first song. She went on to study communications at LSU, where she rekindled her love for her Louisiana roots - writing and playing in little cafes and dive bars any chance she could. After tracking vocals on a friend's record, she received attention from label executives in Los Angeles who flew her out and told her they envisioned her as the next Sheryl Crow, holding an electric guitar and rocking out. It wasn't the right fit. Since then, she has seized and honed her own signature sound in Nashville, TN and is anxious to bolt into the music scene as a fresh indie-pop songwriter with tasty bits of soul and folk in her tunes.

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