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Yuzima Drops Militant New Album 'Power' ,

Yuzima Drops Militant New Album 'Power' ,

YUZIMA's new single 'Separation' is a shot from the machine gun of resistance against the Trump administration. The single draws inspiration from his Catholic upbringing and the voodoo of New Orleans; while the operatic high-notes double as sirens to warn the masses of impending disaster.

The Impose Mag touted "Prince Of Noise," who hails from Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx, by way of Manhattan's Alphabet City; YUZIMA is dropping a new LP POWER. Not only attacking white aggressions against people of color but also telling liberals to toughen up and separate from certain harmful tendencies. Lead single 'Separation' is a towering power-ballad taking equal yet unique cues from progressive rock and New Orleans's brass band second lines. "We wanted to tap into the viciousness of these times," he says. "I talk about people bringing in fascism because they think it's cool in the lyrics on 'Separation'. " "The new album is meant to be as musical and pop, as it is cultural." The album kicks off with early resistance anthem 'RESIST,' which Yuzima wrote right after the election and eventually became a call to arms for the anti-white house/ anti-white nationalist masses. He taps into his own cultural-artist-force while harnessing some of the sounds of the moment like trap mixed with experimental rock.

On this politically charged album the dirge-ballad 'Forever' stands out. With more inspiration from the sounds of New Orleans, Yuzima soulfully sings a doo-wop love note over a guitar, tuba, and harmonica arrangement, featuring YUZIMA playing every instrument. And "Throw yourself a birthday party," where Yuzima has a periodic dalliance with the pop moment-this time Trap-but here he takes the chance to shout out transgendered people while putting their struggle at the forefront of the discussion. "Black Supremacy' is a song that comments on privilege with the lyrics "You have an advantage, I don't," hitting at the primary component of white supremacy, an ironic shot. The title song is a cross between garage rock and a tribal war chant that Yuzima came up with after thinking that the idea was weird and wouldn't work. With a chorus of Yuzima's shouting all at once: pow, pow, pow, er, er, er; Yuzima took an idea that might not seem musical and created a hammer that hits repeatedly through the chorus. Yuzima has become renown for this kind of trick, making the unusual, into pop music. With inspiration from Catholicism, Voodoo, politics, and love, YUZIMA and POWER serve up a chorus for the mighty.

POWER is available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and streaming services, and will be followed up with music videos and live performances. YUZIMA has been featured on blogs from Afropunk and Gayletter to Impose Mag. And he has been called the Prince of Noise.

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