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VidaPrimo Expands Onto Roku and Amazon Fire Platforms

VidaPrimo, the premier Latin Music video network, will distribute its vast library of music-related video content onto branded channels on both Roku and Amazon Fire, two of the world's largest digital streaming platforms. The announcement was made by VidaPrimo Executive Vice President and General Manager Stephen Brooks. Last month, VidaPrimo took its first foray onto connected television distribution via a reciprocal agreement with Music Choice.

"We are excited to take the next step in our network expansion by announcing our entry onto streaming device platforms, beginning with Roku and Amazon Fire," says Brooks. "Roku is available in two of our top 3 markets, the US and Mexico, and is the gold standard of streaming platforms. Amazon Fire is growing rapidly, and integrates with Amazon Instant Video, where we also distribute. We couldn't be happier to build our audience of Millennial Latinos on these world-class platforms."

Roku and Fire users are extremely loyal. Brooks pointed to a recent study that revealed over 20 million US households used them at least 15 times per month, with daily average use at 3.5 hours. "That type of engagement blows every other advertising-ready platform out of the water," he says.

The mantra for VidaPrimo in 2017 is to continue building VidaPrimo's audience, irrespective of device. "We know we need to be wherever our consumers are," says Brooks. "We have moved aggressively on social media, online video, connected television and now streaming device platforms. And each new platform inherently imbues our original content with more value. "

The expansion to new platforms is also vital to media buyers that need a vehicle to reach the Latin Millennial audience. "The various platforms give us more ways to connect brands and advertisers to their customers through the VidaPrimo extended network." Brooks adds. And with our buying tools, agencies can run campaigns across our network in a single I/O."

About VidaPrimo: VidaPrimo is a global media company that provides advertisers access to an exploding marketplace of US and Latin American Millennials as they consume the hottest content in the young Hispanic culture. Through agreements with more than 120 of the hottest Latin Rhythm artists, VidaPrimo is one of the largest Latin Music Multi-Platform Networks with presence across YouTube, DailyMotion, Amazon Video Direct and its owned and operated platform on With 60mm+ monthly views in the US and over 400mm across Latin America, VidaPrimo reaches 25 percent of US based Hispanic Millennials and an average of 20 percent of Millennials in Latin American countries. The VidaPrimo advertising platform leverages its massive reach of engaged Latin Millennials and connects them with brands through high quality in-stream video opportunities in front of premium content. Additionally, VidaPrimo offers creative product integration, custom video production and fan activation opportunities.

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