VIDEO: Cassandra Lucas Releases 'Damn' Music Video

Singer/songwriter Cassandra, formerly one-half of the platinum selling R&B duo Changing Faces, is back and ready to conquer the charts for a second time around. Cassandra introduces her first single and video "Damn" from her debut solo release, LIFETIME. Watch the video below!

As part of Changing Faces, Cassandra enjoyed sweet såuccess in the mid 90's to the early 2000's with radio topping songs "Stroke You Up," "Foolin' Around," and "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T." Their debut self-titled release, Changing Faces, hit No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Charts and, throughout their illustrious career, Changing Faces sold millions of records, with 3 singles in the Top Ten on the Billboard R&B Charts; a very rare feat for duo groups.

While out of the spotlight, Cassandra formed CRC Musik, alongside her husband and co-producer Noel "Chris" Absolam and business partner, Richard Smith. CRC Musik is currently in the process of developing brand new artists that Cassandra is excited to feature on her debut solo album, entitled "Lifetime". Cassandra's love of discovering and developing new talent comes from her feeling that there are a lot of extremely gifted people who simply are not given the opportunity to be heard. ??Now, 10 years since her exit from the spotlight, Cassandra returns as a solo artist, braced to take her career to new heights. With a fresh sound and a stunning look that defies that any time has passed at all, Cassandra's captivating sound will entertain both new audiences and loyal fans alike. And, unlike her women empowerment songs from her Changing Faces days, Cassandra's new single "Damn" reveals her vulnerable side, admitting that this time she was wrong and not the man. On this heartfelt ballad, listeners will find her confessing her mistakes and letting us know that it is not always the man who is at fault.

Cassandra is not only a singer/songwriter but a business woman as well. Yet and still, it is her unrelenting drive and passion that keeps her focused on music, even while in the midst of closing real-estate deals. With all that she has done in her lifetime, her passion for music has never died and she is eager to embark on this new chapter in her life.

When asked recently if R&B is becoming extinct like disco music, Cassandra replied: "How can that be, when R&B is the building block for just about every genre of music out there? You can't build or expand a house if it doesn't have a strong foundation; that's what R&B is."

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VIDEO: Cassandra Lucas Releases 'Damn' Music Video