Tiggi Hawke Releases Cover of Swedish House Mafia's 'Don't You Worry Child'

Her much-awaited debut album Ascension will be released globally on Friday 7th June. 

By: May. 31, 2023
Tiggi Hawke Releases Cover of Swedish House Mafia's 'Don't You Worry Child'

Otherworldly electronic-pop star Tiggi Hawke has released a cover of Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, in collaboration with brand-new artist Bear Bones.

Tiggi Hawke joins with Bear Bones to bring a stunning, orchestral new take on the internationally-renowned single, pairing beautifully with Tiggi’s delicate vocals. The cover precedes her much-awaited debut album Ascension, which will be released globally on Friday 7th June. 

On the cover, Tiggi Hawke said: “I'm so happy this cover is being released because I am a HUGE Swedish House Mafia fan, I was so excited to cover what is definitely one of my all time favourite songs of theirs. To be honest it's a bit of a fangirl moment, and I really hope we've done the song justice!

I recorded it with Bear Bones a few years ago and I was so in love with how it was shaping up, and then we had the opportunity to actually record the orchestration live in Kings Place with some of London's best string players. Honestly, it was an incredible experience and when I say the hairs on my neck were standing up, I truly mean it. I can't describe how I felt hearing the song being played live by a group of insane musicians with my voice on top, I don't think I'lI ever forget it!”

Tiggi Hawke recently released her last single ‘Cry Baby’ featuring hotly-tipped artist Moss Kena - an unapologetically shady single combining Tiggi’s signature synth beats and dreamy vocals with effortlessly catchy hooks, creating the ultimate breakup single. 

Tiggi Hawke continues to evolve into a new artistic trajectory ahead of the release of Ascension – ‘OK’, which expanded the works she has been building ahead of the release, melding sad-girl pop with ethereal anthems to create another relatable electro-pop earworm. Recently, Tiggi released two remixes of ‘OK’, by producers Edamame and Phonics Is Flawed.

Consistently injecting her passion for astronomy and the extra-terrestrial, Tiggi Hawke released ‘V838’ last November, an audio-visual teaser for her debut album, in collaboration with Oliver JT Dipre, which boasts spectacular VFX and styling, following on from the themes of Tiggi’s June single ‘Giants’. ‘V838’ was created in partnership with System Sounds, a sci-art outreach project turning NASA imagery into sound.

Last year saw the initial looks into Ascension, first with ‘Giants’, bringing an attitude, candidness, and genuinity to her music, followed by the bittersweet ‘Pity Party’, released in September, which saw support from Radio 1’s Future Pop. This music not only accompanies a new era for Tiggi musically, but one where she has never felt more unapologetically herself.

Tiggi Hawke’s previous projects have received plaudits from leading tastemakers including MTV UK, CLASH, Popjustice, NOTION and Wonderland Magazine, and has amassed over 50 million streams on DSPs.


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