Thought Transfer Releases LIGHT MY WAY

On the heels of their successful EP, Another Mistake, Thought Transfer released their first full-length album January 21, 2013, entitled "Light My Way." Bob Katsiaficas (vocals and guitar) has been writing and performing for 15 years under various incarnations, but with this new project, Thought Transfer, he's joined forces with 19-year old Berklee College of Music student, Shaina Mikee Keiths, on drums.

Thought Transfer has drawn comparisons to Foo Fighters, Live, Soundgarden, and Nirvana, so it should be no surprise when "Light My Way" is embraced by grunge rock fans everywhere. "I write the music first, which has an immediate feeling and vibe to it, and then I write the lyrics based on the feel of that music. Hopefully, through the melodic and lyrical content, we can convey the message and feeling of each song to the listener," states Katsiaficas. In a live setting, Thought Transfer feels more like a 5-piece band because the sound created by this duo is so enormous.<

"Light My Way" was recorded at Zippah Recording in Brighton, Massachusetts. Thought Transfer was joined in the studio by Matt Hayden (Thousand Days, Before Disorder) on drums and Annie Hoffman (The Field Effect) who engineered and played bass on all the songs in the studio. Annie also played organ on "Don't Forget Me" and "Turn Around." "Light My Way" was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Brian Charles (The Sheila Divine, Dear Leader).

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