The Lancashire Lads EP Released on iTunes


The Lancashire Lads EP is now available on iTunes. Born in Leigh not On Sea, but on a navigation, absconded to Atherton, biked to Bolton, produced in Preston. Whilst touring Europe in alphabetical order, Manchester, Munich, Milan, the Lancashire Lads arrived, courtesy of a Stately intervention.

Jolli Holli on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard, Andy drumming, moon lighting from his duties with Corner Shop, Richard - bowing, Steve - blowing, Alan - West Orange Studios, perfecting Production, and occasional vocal harmonies.

History : Composer & Lyrics - Graham John Hollingsworth
The Rain : Composer & Lyrics - Graham John Hollingsworth
PortPatrick : Composer & Lyrics - Graham John Hollingsworth
Today is the Day : Composer & Lyrics - Graham John Hollingsworth
Producers for all tracks: Alan Gregson & Graham John Hollingsworth

Publisher - Company Records Ltd
Affiliation - PRSforMusic/MCPS

Lovin' is History, this classics eternal. Inspiring bitter sweet reminiscence, trumpeted in a triumphant repost. Melodic orchestrated elevation, a rapture of ruptured romance, delivered with swagger and panache.

The Rain
A romp in the rain, an energetic, Celtic soul new wave pop rock revival, charming tale of a not so sunny Emerald expedition, swinging clubs and pedalling pubs. Lancashire Lads on the fiddle.

Waves blew up the wall fell down and took the fortune of the town. Breathing life into PortPatrick's historic adventure .

Today is the Day
Today is the Day, now is the time. A euphoric celebration of life. Brassy, bold, happening.

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