TalentX Joins Forces with Warner Records for Joint Venture Partnership

By: Jul. 23, 2020
TalentX Joins Forces with Warner Records for Joint Venture Partnership

Known as the driving force behind TikTok collective Sway LA, digital talent management firm TalentX Entertainment has kicked off a dynamic new division dedicated to music. In a first-of-its-kind move, TalentX Entertainment is announcing a partnership with Warner Records to create TalentX Records - the first social media creative partner firm to enter into a joint venture with a record label. Social media icon and entrepreneur Josh Richards will be the first artist to sign a recording contract with TalentX/Warner Records.

"TalentX is at the forefront of the social media revolution, particularly with the early discovery of breakout talent," said Aaron Bay-Schuck, co-Chairman and CEO of Warner Records. "Warren and the TalentX team are true forward thinkers, have incredible instincts, and amazing relationships along with a wealth of experience. I, alongside Tom and our entire team, am excited to partner with them and take these artists - beginning with the great Josh Richards - to the next level."

With a "Creator First" philosophy at its foundation, TalentX's strategy is based on a laser-sharp focus on driving success for its creators. After coming together with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Sound Factory, Ozone Entertainment, and gaming juggernaut ReKTGlobal, as well as bringing on young executive Gavin Rudolph to run their music division, the partnership with Warner Records marks an exciting route through which TalentX Entertainment is serving the needs of a diverse and quickly-growing base of creative partners and their audience.

"TikTok is the next-generation talent incubator that will shape culture more than people realize. Think Shawn Mendes on Vine in 2012 or Justin Bieber on YouTube in 2007. TikTok will do that many times over, and TalentX Records will be at the forefront - developing talent and launching careers," states TalentX CEO Warren Lentz.

"With a global reach, visionary leadership, and an artist list that includes A-listers from Dua Lipa to The Black Keys, we're thrilled to be partnering with Aaron Bay-Schuck, Tom Corson, and the entire Warner Records team, as they are a perfect fit for this monumental move," Lentz continued.

The record deal with TalentX/Warner is just the latest in an exciting series of events for Richards, a TalentX co-founder and wildly popular social media star with nearly 20 million TikTok followers (and 1.2B likes). Earlier this year, he garnered viral media attention (and over 25M YouTube views) when he released the fiery "Still Softish" featuring Sway member Bryce Hall. Recently, he took a hiatus from the Sway House (along with fellow member Jaden Hossler) in order to focus on his music career. Richards' recording contract with TalentX Records marks the next chapter in the social media star's stratospheric career.

"We want to give our creators the best possible opportunities to turn their platforms into meaningful, long-lasting careers," says TalentX's VP of Music, Gavin Rudolph. "We're putting a lot of time and effort into personally developing each of these artists to make sure that the end product is of the highest quality."

To learn more about TalentX Entertainment, visit talentxent.com/.