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TOKIO HOTEL to Release 'Kings Of Suburbia', 10/7; Album Debuts #1 In Over 20 Countries

TOKIO HOTEL is back in a big and bold way. The international superstars have sold 7 million records worldwide, performed for 500,000 people in front of the Eiffel Tower and gone platinum in 68 countries...and all before their 25th birthdays. In the midst of this enormous success, the band needed to take some time away from the spotlight. Now they're exploding back onto the scene with their new full-length album KINGS OF SUBURBIA, available on all digital platforms in the U.S. this Tuesday, October 7, as well as physically in-stores on November 11 via Los Angeles-based De-Code LTD, distributed through Caroline.

"Love Who Loves You Back," the album's first official single, has instantly taken off at both radio and online. The propulsive and sensual track--which reflects a new maturity and impressive growth in the young group--grabbed the attention of Los Angeles' influential modern rock station KROQ 106.7 FM which has already added the song. San Diego's 91X has also jumped on before the official radio add date, as well as other market leader stations across the nation. More adds are coming in now.

The provocative music video for "Love Who Loves You Back" exclusively premiered Tuesday (9/30) via a partnership with Facebook and has taken off virally, receiving an average of 2,000 views per minute. The current combined Facebook and YouTube views exceed 1 million. In advance of the album's release, the group released new teaser tracks "Run, Run, Run" and "Girl Got A Gun" with coinciding visual pieces, each showing the alternative and playful sides to the one-of-a-kind foursome.

With their debut album in 2005, TOKIO HOTEL--twin brothers Bill (lead singer) and Tom Kaulitz (guitar, backing vocals), Georg Listing(bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums)--rose to become the most successful German rock band of the last 20 years. 7 million copies of their releases have been sold worldwide, and with around 160 Gold and 63 Platinum awards in 68 countries and well over 100 national and international awards, TOKIO HOTEL is an international phenomenon. Never before had a German band won an American MTV Video Music Award until they took home the honor of "Best New Artist" in 2008; they have also been recognized with the Japanese MTV Music Award for "Best Rock Video" in 2011 and five European Music Awards. It all adds up to a career utterly without parallel.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz (25) moved to California overnight at the absolute height of their fame. Submerged in the anonymity of Los Angeles, their experiences there lent them new creativity and inspiration which they used to write and produce KINGS OF SUBURBIA, their third international studio album.

"I feel like it was the first real life we've ever had. We had come out of school at 15, started the band, and from that moment on, there was no private life, only Tokio Hotel," Bill says. "We were running away from the success, we were trying to get away. We just wanted to live."

"We wanted to do regular stuff, things we couldn't do before," Tom adds. "I was riding my bike, bought groceries, and went to the DMV. It was fing great."

KINGS OF SUBURBIA is TOKIO HOTEL's most defiant declaration to date. They worked with an eclectic group of producers and were influenced by top DJs they'd see at L.A.'s hottest clubs. But for the first time in their career, the Kaulitz brothers handled the majority of the studio work, with Tom stepping to the forefront, expanding his sonic repertoire to include not just the guitar, but piano, drums and synthesizers.

From the club-heavy wallop of "Feel It All" to the softer, introspective "Run, Run, Run" and "Love Who Loves You Back," it's an album that finds the Kaulitz twins pushing limits of sanity and discovery, a singular statement born out of one very important realization: Their band could mirror their lives, could provide the soundtrack to the parties that never end. If it feels alive, well, that's because TOKIO HOTEL were living it as they were making it.

"With this album, everything is exactly the way we want it, and I feel like this is the first time it's that way," Bill says. "We did everything we wanted; it's not like somebody wrote a song that I have to sell. This is 100 percent what we wanted to do. It feels just right!"

"It is incredibly important for our company to offer a platform where the band can express itself artistically without boundaries," President of De-Code Shiro Gutzie says. "Their incredible fan base will allow us to innovate in the direct-to-consumer field and challenge us to set new standards in content distribution."

"All at Caroline are thrilled to partner with De-Code and Tokio Hotel on Kings of Suburbia for the US release," President of Caroline Dominic Pandiscia shares. "The group brings an incredible legacy to the partnership and we are honored to have the opportunity to help support their creative vision going forward."

Track Listing for KINGS OF SUBURBIA (Deluxe Version):

  1. "Feel It All"
  2. "Stormy Weather"
  3. "Run, Run, Run"
  4. "Love Who Loves You Back"
  5. "Covered In Gold"
  6. "Girl Got A Gun"
  7. "Kings Of Suburbia"
  8. "We Found Us"
  9. "Invaded"
  10. "Never Let You Down"
  11. "Louder Than Love"
  12. "Masquerade"
  13. "Dancing In The Dark"
  14. "The Heart Get No Sleep"
  15. "Great Day"

Get the new single "Love Who Loves You Back":

Watch the video for "Love Who Loves You Back":

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