Susan Boyle Announces Tracklist for New Musicals Album Plus Duets with Michael Crawford & Donny Osmond

Susan Boyle Announces Tracklist for New Musicals Album Plus Duets with Michael Crawford & Donny Osmond

On her official web site, Susan Boyle last week revealed that her upcoming 4th album would have a musicals theme. Now, the star has revealed the title (Standing Ovations - The Greatest Songs from the Stage), the cover and the track list!

Here's what she has to say:


I can't believe that I am on my fourth album. I am very proud of this album and had a lot of fun recording it.

I am finally able to announce the news you have been waiting to hear. My fourth album is called Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage, although from some of the comments I've read online, a few of you knew that already.

This album is a compilation of some of my favourite songs and I'm proud to be able to tell you that these are the songs that will be appearing on Standing Ovation as well as what they mean to me.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, made famous by Judy Garland in the musical Wizard of Oz. The song its self is about wishing and dreaming. It's an apt song for me. Dreams can come true, depending on how hard you wish.

The Winner Takes It All, this to me symbolises a relationship that has ended, it reminds me of a relationship I once had and this made me tearful when I had to sing it.

Send In The Clowns, this is a very reflective and emotive song. I hope you like my version, it's quite chilling.

The Music Of The Night featuring Michael Crawford, this is from Phantom of The Opera, so who better to accompany me than the Phantom himself! I found this awesome to perform.

Bring Him Home, this moving piece is taken from Les Mis and to me represents a parents bond.

Memory, straight from the musical Cats which was first performed by Elaine Paige. I was honoured to do a duet with Elaine on a TV special in 2009. It's a great song to sing and based on the poetry of T.S Elliot

As Long As He Needs Me, a classic piece from Oliver. A very insightful piece and rather emotional.

All I Ask Of You, who would have thought that I would have been singing a duet with my hero Donny Osmond. I grew up with the Osmonds- especially Donny. I was thrilled.

Out Here On My Own, this song is about somebody who wants to belong or fit it. This song brought my childhood back, it was a hard song to do as it reminded me of desperately wanting to fit in.

You'll Never Walk Alone, this is from Carousel. I've always associated this song with football and only a few weeks ago performed it at Celtic Park.

This Is The Moment featuring Donny Osmond, I really enjoyed performing this with Donny. I still can't take it in. He was awesome.

I'm also very proud to show you all my new album cover. The album cover was shot at The Theatre Royal, Windsor with a lovely photographer called Ralph Mecke. It was a really enjoyable experience and I had my wonderful team around me. I feel much more comfortable at photo shoots now and Ralph put me at ease although with his German accent and my Scottish accent we had trouble understanding each other. It was rather funny! Having said that, I was so pleased with the pictures and how they turned out, I can scrub up quite well these days.

So now you all know the exciting news about my new album. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you for being so patient.

Boyle became known to the world when she competed on the 2009 season of Britain's Got Talent.  On that show, she sang  "I Dreamed a Dream" from the musical, Les Miserables. The video of her performance went instantly viral and made her an overnight sensation. She has sold more than 14 million albums worldwide and she is the first artist to have two albums reach No. 1 on the UK and American album charts in a one year period.

The Susan Boyle musical, I DREAMED A DREAM is currently on tour, after opening earlier in 2012. 

"The musical tells the story of Susan Boyle's life, from her birth…and the hand which life dealt her…up to the present day. From her humble beginnings of being born into a large working-class family in central Scotland, and sharing a three-bedroomed council house with a family of ten…to where she is today - a global star and an inspiration to millions - a woman who beat the odds and changed the way the world looked at people.

"I DREAMED A DREAM takes the audience through the experiences which have made Susan the woman she has become; the pain of lost love, the heart-breaking tragedy and loss of the anchors in her life, and being cut adrift in a lonely, threatening world, then finding strength and solace in her faith, to the life changing experience of Britain's Got Talent.

"An orchestra, a multitalented cast, and cutting edge multimedia technology, along with many of the well-known songs from Susan's record-breaking albums, will take audiences on Susan's journey for what promises to be a magical theatrical experience."

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