SoUnD WaVeS releases the EP "Running not skipping". To purchase, visit CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify or Amazon mp3.

The L.A. born SoUnD WaVeS started back in 1999 DJ’ing for a hobby under the DJ name Brownsugar, the years he has spent mixing music he has experienced the power of making people move with passion on the dance floor, as those luscious SoUnD WaVeS are being thrown out openly onto the crowd, how it brings multitudes of people together from all around, the power of creating unforgettable joy and happiness throughout the night in a person’s life is an
experience that simply put, brings a smile to his face. One example of those life changing moments that comes to mind is when he got to see Daft Punk live in Seattle, Washington, they have been a big influence his musical creation and taste in music.

The SoUnD WaVeS created by him, along with the visual image displayed behind his work is all based on his personal artistic creativity, with the main goal of standing out with uniqueness, in conjunction along with this his sounds are based and powered by unique emotions, with the goal in mind for them to trigger a chain reaction of body movement, which then evolves into dancing.

The idea behind his project: SoUnD WaVeS- is to artistically blend emotion with sound, sounds that will intrigue the mind in a positive way, to have the power to cheer you up on cloudy day, to transition you to those powerful moments in life that depict: “Happiness”, the different points in life that stand out with clarity as if they just occurred the day before. And that brings us to now, a time were SoUnD WaVeS spread as wide and openly as the people on the dance floor dancing to them…

Artists he also likes: Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Kaskade, Booka Shade, Deadmau5,Underworld,
Orbital, Skrillex...

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