Shane Morris and Frore Release New Album 'OCHRE'

The album is now available on all streaming platforms.

By: Nov. 19, 2023
Shane Morris and Frore Release New Album 'OCHRE'

Inspired by nature, patterns, and systems, Shane Morris and Frore shape ethereal realms, polyrhythmic grooves, and tribal soundscapes. The collaboration has now resulted in Ochre, with old meeting new, percussion joining synths; the album was released worldwide on Spotted Peccary Music. Ochre is part of a new form of tribal hypnotic electronic music evoking the spirits of the oldest of mysteries. Caves can be dangerous places. Fear starts because there is a total absence of light beyond the entrance. Cave systems comprise some of the last unexplored and imagination-rich regions on Earth. 

With sounds of past and present, analog and digital, earthbound and electric, it also dares to respond. Frore & Morris refine the interplay between synthesizers and percussion elements into a more succinct revelation of their ethno-ambient sound. The opening track sets the tone as “From Spark to Flame” rises from a rumble into a hypnotic polyrhythm as Udu drum accents dance around an anchoring frame drum and modular synth bass line. On “Formations,” Morris's distant gong crescendos behind Frore's lush textures, the ghostly hum of the wind through an austere landscape. Finale “Waiting for Eternity” swells and echoes, careening into vastness. Yearning pulses beneath its drifting chords: an inquisitive mind wondering what will be remembered when time has turned our world to dust.

Mastered by Howard Givens, Ochre is available for streaming and downloading, including high resolution studio master formats. The project's images and layout were designed by Daniel Pipitone, Spotted Peccary Studios NE. Experience this digital new release, Ochre, now on your platform of choice: and at Bandcamp.


1 From Spark to Flame
2 Formations
3 Into the Dust
4 Hidden Meaning
5 Ochre
6 Waiting for Eternity


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Frore seeks to fuse technology with historic imagery and sound design. “It never gets old for me, to imagine how far back our ancestors go. The terror of life, but more importantly, the awe they must have felt observing the natural world around them.” The music of Frore has been featured on the Hearts of Space radio show, the Star's End radio show and is frequently played on, the ambient radio channel among other outlets.

Shane Morris is a percussionist, synthesist, and composer of ambient electronic music. Inspired by nature, patterns, and systems, he shapes ethereal realms, polyrhythmic grooves, and tribal soundscapes using a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments, processing, hardware and software.

Portland-based Spotted Peccary Music is North America's finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes. For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra-high-quality, deep-listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. Every release is carefully prepared in a variety of high-quality formats from MP3 to high-res studio masters. In 2023, they were named Best Independent Record Label by the HIMAwards. Explore more than 200 titles and 50 artists released over 38 years of excellence at and


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