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Scott H. Biram Releases Surprise Album, 'Fever Dreams'

The album is out today.

Scott H. Biram Releases Surprise Album, 'Fever Dreams'

Fever Dreams, the 12th album from Central Texas singer/songwriter/guitarist/footstomper/harmonica player/preacher/hellraiser Scott H. Biram, AKA The Dirty Old One Man Band, is a fervent yet intimate collection of blues, classic country, and rock-n-roll sealed with punk, heavy metal, and frankly, whatever the hell Biram wants. As the man himself told us, "You're gonna want to pop open a cold tallboy for this one." The album is out today.

Engineered and produced by Scott H. Biram between 2017 and 2019 at his studio Hiram's Hell Hole, in Austin, TX, Fever Dreams delivers another gritty glimpse into the salty world of roadworn hearts and mismanaged emotions.

Honestly laying down his bare soul at the people's feet once again in a way that very few can, this record dips and sways, as always, in true Biram fashion, with tales of hard, homesick traveling, lost love, overindulgence, spiritual rejoice, and of course some tributes to some of his favorite music pioneers.

On Fever Dreams, The Reverend Biram rakes all the muck out of his spiritual swamp and concocts a meaty stew of lonely soul ("Fever Dreams"), trucker country ("Can't Stay Long"), pummeling punk ("Whatcha Gonna Do?"), drinking dirges("Drunk Like Me"-*cue second tallboy opening*), and God-fearing (or -facing?) gospel ("Hallelu"), the bright light shining from beneath the cracks in the dive bar floor. Biram's rogues' gallery of characters jump from the speakers to your skull and live rent-free in the psyche. From roadworn renegades to motel room wanderers; drunken demons to haunted-hearted soulsearchers, these are stories of human suffering and revelry that portray the best of us, and in turn, the worst of us. Biram has seen it all, and he's the hero we need to distill it into a blend of straight truth, so it goes easier on the soul and the mind.

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