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Ron Gallo Shares New Single 'Hide'

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Ron Gallo Shares New Single 'Hide'

Last month, Gallo released a video for single, "You Are Enough" via XPN. A song of affirmation and feeling good about yourself in a world that does not encourage it. "You Are Enough" brings an empowering message and bright instrumentation to build everyone up during these turbulent times.

"HIDE"" is about being with someone because how they make you feel or the idea of them rather than who they really are. Sometimes we say "I love you, I want to be with you" but maybe we really mean "I don't like me, I don't want to be with myself and you can help distract me from me". The idea of love is all fed up - it gets confused for the temporary high feeling and then people run when things get real or difficult, people get hurt then hurt more people and it's a cycle. One I was stuck in until now - going for the wrong people because I didn't know myself.

I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek love song from that ugly honest perspective of what people REALLY mean when chasing love these days or (I guess I should say pre-pandemic cus who knows what the future of relationships looks like)

Definitely the happiest sounding thing I've ever made, yet it's a little dark lyrically and that's my favorite s. I wrote it one night after a going to a valentines day party in 2018 and I was alone just watching couples and in my head being like "most of you are full of s".

The bridge is me breaking down saying "this is me, ugly parts and all, can you accept it?" Personal moral of the story is relax, stop chasing, just be you and the right thing will happen.

Making music over last year has felt like sewing a bunch of stuff together I like that doesn't always go together but making it work. With "HIDE", it was when we recorded drums at a studio in Italy and I tried this experiment where I played the demo for the drummer and had him go right in and record one take of the first thing that came to mind which ended up being a sorta Beatles/Ringo thing, then we did another take where I told him to pretend it was a 90's hip-hop song, then one more where I told him to pretend he was Elvin Jones and that this was a John Coltrane song. Then made the rhythm track a mash-up of all of them leaning primarily on the old-school hip-hop beat." -Ron Gallo

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