Ottawa's Taming Sari Releases Electrifying & Timely “Crazy” New Rock Anthem

Taming Sari's signature splashy guitar work and thunderous drums guide the listener through a supercharged anthem to inspire hope in the post-pandemic.

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Speaking to the deep human desire of connecting with others, and how good it feels to let loose from it all, the timeliest of timely anthems has arrived from Ottawa rockers Taming Sari: "Crazy" is available now.

Taming Sari's signature splashy guitar work and thunderous drums guide the listener through a supercharged anthem to inspire hope in the post-pandemic. Bringing us back to when life seemed more straightforward, "Crazy" is about the inherent connection we all feel towards one another, and how surreal it can feel to lose touch with our need to just enjoy life.

One listen to "Crazy" tells you everything you need to know about Taming Sari's musical influences, and Toronto's iconic Polson Pier set the backdrop for the band to channel the rock gods on a beautiful summer day and lay down a couple of blazing new tracks.

The sun-kissed harbourfront wasn't the only inspiration leading into the recording studio: it would be the first time they would record with a new member, accomplished lead guitarist Joe Fraser, to create the perfect balance of grit and melody while paying homage to past rock n' roll legends.

Taming Sari roars with the confidence of a band that has been touring stadiums for decades. The dedication to individual musicianship conveyed on "Crazy" can be found in every bar. The backbone of Taming Sari's booming sound manifests itself through the chemistry of polished drummer Adam Ouellette and the seemingly effortless craftsmanship of Alex Pellerin on bass. Infectious riffs come courtesy of newest member Joe Fraser with the seamless weaving of rhythm guitar specialist Miguel Kingsberry filling out the rest of the uptempo grooves found within. The soaring vocals of "Ottawa's #1 Rock Ginger" Warren Meredith easily accompanies the instrumental expertise on display, further reinforcing Taming Sari's sense of timelessness.

Following the momentum of their debut album, Thirsty From The Draught, Taming Sari was positioned to take full advantage of the burgeoning concert scene across Canada shortly before the world was thrown into chaos with Covid. "Crazy" is the third single to capture the group's artistic perspective on this tumultuous period in history; the first, "Loving Way," dealt with the initial response to the virus along with the call for racial justice that was to come, and the second, the emotionally-charged "Gone and Run Away," highlighted the sense of loss that our communities collectively feel.

After making numerous media appearances and safely playing for socially distanced crowds, Taming Sari is ready to hit the ground running. When live music makes its triumphant return, there is no doubt that this talented assembly of performers will grace stages with the same intensity found in their recordings.


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