Oh Land Drops New Track 'I'd Rather Sing' From 'Loop Soup'

Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius) will be releasing her highly anticipated new album, Loop Soup, next Friday, September 29.

By: Sep. 20, 2023
Oh Land Drops New Track 'I'd Rather Sing' From 'Loop Soup'

Danish sensation Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius) will be releasing her highly anticipated new album, Loop Soup, next Friday, September 29 via her own imprint, Tusk or Tooth.

A determined return to genre-bending pop, Oh Land strives to forge her own sonic universe as she navigates her place in today's society. The result is unconventional song structures, ethereal vocals, and grandiose, cinematic soundscapes, combined with poetic lyricism that explore the struggles of being human...when you're really an alien. 

These themes are best seen across the three standout singles “Bleeed,” “My Freak,” “Bucket List,” and today’s final peek into the album, “I’d Rather Sing,” first premiered via MXDWN. The euphoric synth-pop track glides with a shimmering beat across Oh Land’s blissful harmonies as she grapples with today’s societal expectations.

Fabricius expands, “I’m commenting on the pressure and expectations of rushing through an educational system to be spat out on the work market. If it brings you joy, do it! I feel stressed out on the behalf of young people who need to make big educational choices very early and sometimes don’t get the time it takes to figure out what they’re naturally driven towards doing…” Throughout the song, Nanna shares her outlook on life, urging listeners to focus on their own path to happiness.

Vinyl editions of Loop Soup are now available for pre-order here, with international shipping options available.

On her upcoming album Loop Soup, Oh Land forges a world that seems like it was created in a galaxy far, far away. Inspired by 60’s and 70’s sci fi movies like Barbarella and Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, as well as disco aesthetics like Boney M., the upbeat album urges listeners to dance and express themselves.

Nanna explains, “A lot of these songs are targeting issues in society and the struggle of finding my space within it. Conflicts in myself made into songs. The older I get the more I question the structure of the world that I’m living in. This album is a pathfinder or an emotional compass of my own space venture. Weaving in and out of memories, future dreams and having to deal with the present.”

Following a back injury that destroyed her ballet career, Oh Land wrote and produced her first album Fauna in 2008. Since then, Oh Land has thrived in her musical journey, releasing four studio albums and touring the world, both headlining and opening for such acts as Katy Perry, Sia, and most recently, Coldplay in Copenhagen last month. Her live performances are known for their mesmerizing energy, combining her music with visually stunning stage designs and choreography.

Oh Land has also worked as a songwriter with artists like Pharrell, Sia, John Legend, and beyond. Her self-titled album Oh Land (2011), showcases a unique blend of electronic pop, folk, and experimental sounds, and received critical acclaim, introducing Oh Land to a worldwide audience. Over the years, Oh Land’s albums have explored new, sonic territories. Wish Bone (2013), Earth Sick (2014), and Family Tree (2019) have further solidified her reputation as a versatile and captivating musician.

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