KiNG MALA Drops 'Sunny Side Up' New Track Out Now

The track was released alongside a new music video.

By: Jun. 08, 2023
KiNG MALA Drops 'Sunny Side Up' New Track Out Now

KiNG MALA loses her appetite for a dying relationship on sassy new track “sunny side up.” NYLON premiered the accompanying video earlier today, which follows KiNG MALA and her partner turning the breakfast table into a battleground, complete with food flying, utensils clashing, and the “cult leader”’s fierceness on full display. The witty lyrics perfectly capture the frustration and liberation that comes with reaching a breaking point in a relationship.

Needless to say, the tongue-in-cheek break-up song was inspired by a past relationship. “‘sunny side up’ is an ode to breaking toxic cycles. My previous partner and I fought over everything towards the end of our relationship - Every other morning was an episode of burnt toast, or ‘too-sweet’ coffee, or ‘we’re out of eggs.’ Nothing was right and the resentment had built to such a level that our morning fights had become routine,” KiNG MALA shares.

“I want this song to feel like finally admitting a secret and feeling the weight lifting off your shoulders. It's the first step in ending the cycles and moving on. The videos for this song and “dirty dishes” are the introduction to the world of my last relationship and this next project: the beginning and the end and everything in-between will be revealed with my EP coming this fall.”

KiNG MALA’s powerful vocals and clever wordplay leave no doubt she’s had enough. She’s finally cleaned up those “dirty dishes” and is ready to order some “sunny side up” eggs with a glass of cheeky revenge – your anthem for your next breakup is served!

Photo credit: Conner Sorensen


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