KATE NASH to Release Third Album 'Girl Talk' in 2013

KATE NASH to Release Third Album 'Girl Talk' in 2013

Multi-award winning, chart topping Kate Nash will be releasing a brand new EP titled 'Death Proof' via her own independent label Have 10p Records on November 20. Pre-order her forthcoming album 'Girl Talk' via Pledge Music on 11/20 and download 'Death Proof' for free.

Never one to disappoint, Kate Nash's triumphant return sounds like nothing else right now; a hypnotic bass guitar riff sets the scene on the title track for her new 'Death Proof' EP. Recorded in LA earlier this year, Kate decided to ditch the piano and create an entirely new sound using the bass guitar as the centerpiece. Whilst still maintaining her undeniably clever and unconventional lyricism, with songs such as "I Want A Boyfriend With A Car", it's clear Nash's signature songwriting has not been lost despite her new approach to recording records. Folks recently caught a glimpse of what's to come when she revealed her quirky and fun video on Halloween for the single 'Fri-End?'.

Kate first entered our radars in 2007 with her debut album 'Made of Bricks' which featured the hit singles 'Foundations' and 'Caroline's a Victim'. 'Made of Bricks' quickly went on to chart at #1 in her native UK and was a top 40 hit in more than 10 countries across the globe. Her follow-up sophomore release 'My Best Friend Is You' received an equal amount of praise and chart success, prompting Kate to tour the world extensively and become a musical and fashion icon to many.

Aside from recording her new album and EP, Nash has also been a keen activist in her home country. During the devastating UK riots in 2011, Kate helped launch the 'Clear Up' campaign around her hometown of London, as well as helped to raise funds and supplies for those who lost their homes during the riots.

Most recently Kate offered her voice and opinions surrounding the controversial Pussy Riot sentencing and also continues to support women around the world with her 'Rock n Roll Girls After School Music Club' which aims to empower and educate young women with the gift of music education, encouraging young females to develop their own songwriting skills. On December 1st a group of these students, from schools across the UK, will perform at the 'After School Special' at the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank Center in London.

Kate will also unveil a brand new video for lead track 'Death Proof' via VEVO on November 19.

I Want A Boyfriend With A Car
All Day And All of The Night
May Queen

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