Jennifer Gasoi Brings THROW A PENNY IN THE WISHING WELL Concert to Montreal's Jewish Public Library, 12/2

Jennifer Gasoi Brings THROW A PENNY IN THE WISHING WELL Concert to Montreal's Jewish Public Library, 12/2

Jennifer Gasoi's CD launch concert last month at the Rialto Theatre for her highly-anticipated second children and family music CD, Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well, was an outstanding success. Joining Jennifer were gifted musicians Andy Dacoulis (guitar), Richard Irwin (drums), John Sadowy (piano), Gilbert Joanis (bass), Jonathan Moorman (fiddle), Pat Vetter (saxophone), Ron DiLauro (trumpet) and Pierre Messier (accordion). This dynamic, celebratory concert was a family-outing highlight enjoyed by over 300 smiling, singing and dancing children, parents, friends and grandparents.

Gasoi couldn't be happier with the launch, "There was an extraordinary energy in the Rialto that Sunday morning. It goes to show that a strong vision, perseverance, dedication, hard-work and a touch of magic goes a long way in realizing a dream." Jennifer has been receiving amazing feedback from everyone who was at the show, both kids and adults, and is thrilled that her music touches so many people, "I've even received emails from parents who said they wished their own parents had been there. It truly is inter-generational music."

Jennifer is part of the new, vibrant kindie music scene- independent musicians making great music for kids and families.The new CD, which has been on sale only since Oct. 2, has been selling like hotcakes at music stores across Canada as well as online. Through Jennifer's buoyant music on Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well, families enjoy the world of jazz, 50's style doo-wop, klezmer, swing, gospel, folk, Cajun and calypso. Her great sound gets everybody singing and swinging and the reviews are also singing Gasoi's praises. Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well is brimming with Jennifer's unique gift for writing and performing upbeat, intelligent children's songs that adults love too, with clever lyrics, catchy melodies and undeniably danceable rhythms. For Jennifer, it is very important to produce high quality music for families that is made with love and great attention to detail. This is not your typical kids' album. The musicians are of the highest calibre, the songs are accessible and relevant, and the musical genres are eclectic. The music brings people of every generation together- from babies to grand-parents.

Gasoi worked for two years on this project overseeing every aspect of the album. She wrote, arranged and produced all songs, put the band together (18 musicians play/sing on the CD) and directed the cover art. Through her music, Jennifer hopes to inspire children (and adults) to live from the heart, stay true to themselves and follow their dreams. Song themes include being grateful for each moment, joy, mindfulness, celebration, trust and love; powerful, important themes, wrapped in fun, cheerful music.

Jennifer Gasoi's Family Holiday Show with her band will play on Sunday, December 2, at 11 a.m. at the Jewish Public Library, 5151 Cote St. Catherine Road. To buy tickets call: (514) 345-2627 #3012, 3016 or 3398. Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well will be on sale- Jennifer will gladly be available to sign CDs after the concert.

Jennifer Gasoi - performer, writer, arranger, producer: Award-winning singer/songwriter Jennifer Gasoi is quickly making a name for herself in the world of children's music. Since moving from Vancouver to Montreal in 2002, Jennifer has established herself as one of the hottest children's entertainers in Montreal, developing a devoted and adoring fan base that includes children, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends of all ages. Her ability to appeal to kids and adults alike is one of Jennifer's most unique and endearing qualities. Jennifer's debut album, Songs for You, merited a Juno nomination for Best Children's Album of the Year and won the coveted Gold Parent's Choice Award.

Jennifer's musical talent became apparent at the age of 4. She was shopping in a local toy store with her mom when she spotted a toy piano. Although it was the first time she had ever touched the instrument, she was able to play her favourite songs by ear. Her natural affinity for music led her to study classical piano for 12 years and later study jazz voice, piano and composition. She launched her professional music career singing jazz alongside piano legend Linton Garner and went on to perform at the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Vancouver Jazz Festivals. Jennifer has been one of the regular performers at Upstairs Jazz Bar for the past 10 years, charming the crowd with a combination of jazz, cabaret and the occasional kids tune thrown in the mix!

About the core band on Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well: Andy Dacoulis (guitar, mandolin, dobro) has been the guitarist and musical director for acclaimed international singer/songwriter Corneille. He has been touring with the internationally acclaimed Nikki Yanofsky for the past two years. Richard Irwin (drums) is one of Montreal's most sought out drummer's, playing with top locals including Julie Lamontagne, Vic Vogel, Dawn Tyler Watson, Remi Bolduc, Jeff Johnston, the Montreal Jazz Big Band, Hadrian's Wall, Bill Mahar, and jazz/pop singer, Nikki Yanofsky. He has performed at internationals festivals as well as with Celine Dion, Freddie Hubbard, Donny McCaslin, Jane Bunnet and Chucho Valdez among many others. John Sadowy (piano) is an accomplished and versatile performer and studio musician in the realm of jazz, Latin and Brazilian music, most notably with Gaïa, Mandinga, Maracujá, Gildor Roy's Latin project and the Montreal Jazz Big Band. He has performed and recorded with Canadian jazz artists Ranee Lee, Mireille Proulx, George Evans, Christine Jensen, and Brad Turner, and at numerous festivals worldwide. John accompanies the young vocal phenomenon, Nikki Yanofsky, most notably with the New York Philharmonic and the New York Pops Orchestra. Gilbert Joanis (bass) offers a popular jazz repertoire to satisfied customers (and staff!) of Jardin Nelson. In addition to playing for the North American tour of Cirque du Soleil in 1993-94, he has accompanied many artists including Adamo, Sylvain Cossette, Murray Head, André Gagnon, Patsy Gallant, Ima, Eric Lapointe, Jean Lapointe, Nancy Martinez, Toulouse, Dawn Tyler-Watson and Roch Voisine. Gilbert plays all styles of music brilliantly, but his heart and passion is jazz.