Independent Music Artist Tim Drisdelle Launches His First Major Project as Double EP Set

Recording artist, musician, music director, and worship leader Tim Drisdelle has launched his first full-length project. The first in the double EP set, "Heights Pt. 1" is now available on iTunes and all major digital distribution outlets. Drisdelle follows this initial EP with the subsequent release of "Depths Pt. 2". Drisdelle's music is eclectic and diverse, combining elements from modern pop, rock, and R&B, all with a dash of soul.

"Heights Pt. 1" has already received positive reviews on iTunes. Jason Lee noted, "Tim Drisdelle is a great singer/songwriter, hardworking, and has a clear vision of who he is as an artist. I enjoy this EP very much. I love the song Never Alone in particular, it came to me in a time that I was experiencing some struggle and confusion, unsure about what's ahead in life. The message of the song came in like a breath of fresh air."

Drisdelle started early at the age of five honing his musical talents on the family piano, and he soon emerged as a prolific singer and songwriter. He has gone on to use his years of musical training as a vocalist, vocal arranger, choir and music director, and an experienced church worship leader to leverage a collaborative integration of abilities all while intentionally investing in the development, leadership, and training of the students, artists and musicians he works with regularly.

Today, Drisdelle works extensively with writers, and musicians from across many genres and platforms. His vision is to bring together cross-cultural partnerships and build bridges by merging talents in an effort to unite communities globally by using music and art. Drisdelle carries forward this vision with his own music and understands the innate connectivity of all artists and musical genres.

"We all have to come together and give a voice and a platform to one another's talent and art because music really is a universal language. It breaks down barriers, knows no colors or boundaries, and resonates within hearts without prejudice or exclusivity," says Drisdelle. "I love the connection that I can make through my music and share a little reminder that we're all walking this road together. The relationship between the music and people is so real and tangible to me, and I'm hopeful that my new double EP will resonate in the same way with my listeners."

After some successful radio singles over the past five years and a steady commitment to consistently work through the many demands of bringing a high-quality projects to fruition as an independent artist, Drisdelle is pleased to be launching his first full-length project. To learn more about Drisdelle and his new double EP set, visit

About Tim Drisdelle New independent music artist Tim Drisdelle is a musician, music director, and worship leader. He spends his time between California, Nashville, and his native Nova Scotia working on his own music as well as partnering with many projects, events, and concerts around the U.S. and abroad. For more information, visit

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