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Howard Givens And Craig Padilla Release 'The Bodhi Mantra' - A New Album Of Synthesizer Bliss And Enlightenment

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Howard Givens And Craig Padilla Release 'The Bodhi Mantra' - A New Album Of Synthesizer Bliss And Enlightenment

The Bodhi Mantra, in Streaming and Special Blue Vinyl LP Format, is a formative work of deeply immersive music, harmonic, somewhat melodic, and occasionally rhythmic, that shares the idea of an individual looking within one's identity to recognize the power of the soul - the true self, and to continuously reach above and beyond the limitations that we have come to believe in, recognizing the greatness of that existence.

On their third collaboration, Givens and Padilla continue a musical journey that follows the concepts introduced in their previous album, Being of Light (2017). Using pure organic tones within their many analog, digital, and modular synthesizers, this duo has created hypnotic and meditative music to stir the heart, embrace the soul, and free the mind; music that is based on their appreciation of experiencing the perception of consciousness. Delicate, breath-like pulses set an intention of mindful solemnity, punctuated by moments of fulfillment and enlightenment, and underlining discovery of the ultimate relationship with the one true self.

The Bodhi Mantra is the latest collaboration of Howard Givens & Craig Padilla, previous titles include Being Of Light (2017), Life Flows Water (2015), and Spirit Holy Rising (2015). In addition to his own work and as a sound engineer/producer for many other artists, Givens has been involved with the Spotted Peccary releases of such Padilla titles as The Heart of the Soul (2012), Below the Mountain (2008), The Light of the Shadow (2006), Genesis (2004), and Vostok (2002).

Givens, who is a founder and co-owner of Spotted Peccary Music, shares "There's a powerful experience that comes from the synergy of working together especially when those moments of an unspoken, mutual tapping into a stream-of-consciousness flow happens. That's when the magic really happens, at least from my perspective. I believe that this whole "conversation" of music is complete when the listener then becomes involved, creating their own vision, their own experience with the music. So ultimately it's the goal of my work, with audio, composition, visual art, etc. and the goal of Spotted Peccary Music, to create and present as transparent an expression the art forms as possible, hopefully inviting a deepening space for the listener to participate in."

Relax and receive immeasurable auspiciousness, brilliance, magnificence, and ease as you listen to these celestial sounds. Listen to eliminate the illness and suffering of all sentient beings, to provide all their necessities for health and happiness, and mostly just because it simply sounds sublime. Thanks to the original vows of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, a miraculous force resides in mantras, so that by pronouncing them one might acquire insight without limits. As nebulous as the clouds, these electronic soundscapes are ethereal meditations with many levels of symbolic meaning that allows relaxation by moving you to a tranquil and romantic mood. Practicing meditation may be helpful for a variety of conditions ranging from insomnia and high blood pressure to anxiety and low back pain, or just to help you learn to relax in the moment. Synthesizers evoking space-age heartbeats offer a meditation on universal mythology, inspired by ancient dances, and probes the mysteries of the cosmos and glacial chords, soaked in cathedral-like reverb, all to bring profound inner peace and induce unwinding, improving one's mood and leaving the listener revitalized.

In addition to the label's usual downloads in 24-bit Audiophile, CD Quality Lossless (FLAC, Apple) and 320kbps MP3, and streaming audiophile formats, The Bodhi Mantra is available in a collectible 12 inch LP format, including a blue-colored disc, inside an exquisite package design by Daniel Pipitone with a richly printed jacket and sleeve combination. There will be no physical CD version for this release.

The album is on Spotted Peccary Music, consumer sales and streaming links are available here:

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