Guitar World Premieres New Track from Sleepy Kitty

Guitar World Premieres New Track from Sleepy Kitty

What do Pavement, MGM musicals, Robert Rauschenberg, Iggy Pop and Jean Luc Godard have in common? Not much, to most people. But for St. Louis-based duo Sleepy Kitty, all these sublimely weird and seemingly contradictory art forms are source material and inspiration for their forthcoming sophomore release, Projection Room, due January 14, 2014.

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Today, Golightly Media, in conjunction with Euclid Records are excited to announce that Sleepy Kitty have released the glittering garage-punk track and new single, "Don't You Start," on Guitar World

Projection Room is a gorgeous art-punk achievement by the band that sees them creating a cohesive new sound, while still including flagrant waves to their pop culture influences. It's art-school reference and experimentation with rock instruments and flaming guitar solos, but a musical theater backbone and '60s stacked harmonies. And it's catchy as hell.

Sleepy Kitty began to take shape at the end of 2008, when Evan Sult, who was drumming for Chicago's Bound Stems after an eight-year stint in late-'90s alt-radio band Harvey Danger, met Paige Brubeck at a party. She was studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and playing in the all-girl band Stiletto Attack. For a project that originally began as an outlet for the duo to do "weirdo stuff that our own bands weren't interested in doing," as Sult says, Sleepy Kitty has quickly become a full-fledged enterprise. Based out of their self-described "art castle," a studio space in the middle of Cherokee Street in St. Louis, MO, Sleepy Kitty is a multimedia project: the two collaborate professionally on music, rock posters, album artwork, and fine art together. It's this space that has birthed two Sleepy Kitty EP releases and a debut LP, Infinity City (2011), and is home to a blossoming art and graphics project under the same name.

The band is gaining momentum at an incredible pace, with features from TWELV Magazine, Idobi Radio, All Things Go, Columbia Free Times, Break Thru Radio, as well as securing the coveted Best Indie Band several years running in the Riverfront Times, St. Louis' weekly paper, and scoring support slots for the likes of Deerhoof, Best Coast and Jeff The Brotherhood. With Paste Magazine calling their 2011 release "spectacularly catchy," with "just enough cute...combined with distorted rock and a heavy drum beat," 2014's Projection Room is a natural step forward for the duo, and is their own garage-pop dream.

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