Grammy-Nominee Kossisko Releases Infectious Funk Single, 'Rich Bi$h' Single

The track was released alongside a vibrant music video.

By: Dec. 05, 2023
Grammy-Nominee Kossisko Releases Infectious Funk Single, 'Rich Bi$h' Single

GRAMMY-nominated R&B/Hip-Hop artist Kossisko (they/them/theirs) released their empowering funk single “Rich Bi$h” today, alongside a vibrant music video.

“I went out to Vegas to link with Rick James's band, The Stone City Band and I played them an early version of ‘Rich Bi$h' and they all flipped out over it,” Kossisko recalls, “The moment was hella surreal for me as a fan. It felt like the funk gods blessed it or something.”

Formerly known as 100s, Kossisko's infectious pop track declares, "You better work" and emphasizes, "Money can't buy love.”

“The inspo behind the song was basically I wanted to make something that would serve as a soundtrack to a moment when a person is at the height of feeling themselves,” said Kossisko. “To me being a ‘Rich Bi$h' isn't even about money, it's more of just a state of mind where you feel empowered, sexy, confident, and wanna shake some ass.”

The Bay Area rapper invites a visual feast in captivating drag, showcasing a fearless and glamorous persona. Drenched in bold colors and energy, the clip is a celebration of self-expression and confidence. “Rich Bi$h” not only delivers a pop anthem that's sure to get listeners moving but also serves as a statement of individuality and self-love, as Kossisko fearlessly embraces their identity and encourages others to do the same.

“The music video is really just about me celebrating all the aspects of myself and getting to truly represent them,” they continued. “It's been a struggle for me since I was a child to truly accept myself and love myself for all the different aspects of who I am so this video felt extremely empowering and liberating af. Visually I drew inspo  from a lot of people who have really inspired me from Snoop Dogg, Donna Summer, and Pete Burns all the way to artists from the Ivory Coast like Serge Beynaud and DJ Arafat."

Born of African and Jewish blood, Kossisko was raised in the eclectic air of Berkeley, California. Conversely, when Kossisko was a teen their father sent them to live in the Ivory Coast where they spent two hard years bouncing around between boarding schools and family members. The diversity of these experiences contributed greatly to the singer, songwriter and actor's unique gifts.

Kossisko is an innovative musical artist, actor and composer in the intersection of film, music and fashion. The gender-fluid artist has appeared in HBO's wildly successful Euphoria, and portrayed themself in two seasons of Netflix's Sex/Life plus various television licenses and video game features such as Grand Theft Auto V and Marvel. Additionally they have been featured in an iPhone 5C campaign and additionally shined as a sought after model, working for Billionaire Boys Club, Mr. Saturday and Midnight Studios.

In 2012, Kossisko, was known as the rapper called, 100s. They released their debut mixtape, Ice Cold Perm after getting signed to Fool's Gold Records in 2013 and they toured with ASAP Ferg, Kreayshawn and performed five shows at SXSW. During that year, Complex named them the new rapper to watch out for.

100s then released another mixtape in 2014 with Ivry which received high praise from The Fader, Stereogum and Washington Post amongst many others with the hit single, “Life of a Mack” appearing on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. Their debut EP, Red White N Cruel landed in 2016 and in 2019 they received their first Grammy nomination as a songwriter on Beck's album, Hyperspace for the song, “Die Waiting." 

Kossisko's expression through this new music encourages everyone to not give a damn about what others think about you. Nor be marginalized because of your challenges. So whether it's mental health issues, anxiety, depression or anything that would hold one back from having agency, their music affirms that we all deserve joy and the space to be who we are without being defined by people who don't get you. Kossisko believes this attitude is the highest form of self-care, a self-care that lets you take your rightful place in the world.


Photo Credit: Sophia Schrank @sophiaschrank