David Haerle To Release New Album DEATH VALLEY

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David Haerle To Release New Album DEATH VALLEY

Los Angeles singer/songwriter/guitarist DAVID HAERLE has taken a very unique--and at times winding--path that has led to the release of his new single, "Go Do That With Sharon," out January 10. This is the first song off his forthcoming album Death Valley, a 15-track collection which will be released Spring 2020.

"The song's kind of an inside joke between me and my partner Erica," HAERLE explains. "We have a very good friend, Sharon, who likes to do things some people might find a little offbeat or kooky, like the international UFO convention she just attended. When Erica and I are traveling, say on Interstate 15 and I exclaim, 'I'd love to go explore that abandoned water park over there,' something she has zero interest in, she'll say 'go do that with Sharon.' Even in the best of relationships there will be interests both parties don't share, so to be able to have other friends you can 'go do that with' is a healthy thing."

The songs included on Death Valley were selected "based mostly on feeling and what I thought would make a good listening experience," shares HAERLE. "Death Valley is the culmination of where inspiration took me during this period in my life. We rock pretty hard in places. We take it way down in others. I sing about renewal, how we lose our way and then find our way back. There's a lot of love and gratitude expressed on this record and hopefully people find beauty in some of what we have done."

And there's certainly an abundance of life experience to pull from. HAERLE's father Martin emigrated from Germany to pursue a dream of working in the country music industry and co-founded the independent label CMH Records, setting up shop in the garage and side room of the family home in Los Angeles. David's maternal grandparents co-owned the first full time country music radio station in Nashville, WENO. The King of Country Music, Roy Acuff, took DAVID onstage at the Grand Ole' Opry before a full house when he was 9 years of age.

After picking up the guitar at age 13, DAVID played in a couple rock and alternative new wave bands during the 80's, before becoming a music agent at International Creative Management. Then his father Martin passed away suddenly and at just 24 years-old, DAVID took over the family business and has served as president of CMH Records, now CMH Label Group, ever since.

Making music took a back seat to running the label, but HAERLE never stopped playing guitar and in recent years, he has returned to his passion of performing and releasing original music. His debut album Garden of Edendale was released in Summer 2018. His sophomore album, Death Valley, will be out Spring 2020 and "Go Do That With Sharon" is the first taste of this new project.

Track Listing for Death Valley:

  1. I Want To Be Like Him
  2. The Free Show
  3. Edendale
  4. Go Do That With Sharon
  5. Romy And Michele
  6. Forgiving Myself
  7. Ms. Bell
  8. Smoggy Days
  9. Tellers
  10. Self Made Man
  11. The Groove Of The Record
  12. Perfect Lover
  13. Run And Be Free
  14. Death Valley
  15. Eureka!

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