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Data Scientist Releases Geek Rap Video

Under the alias of Dr. Data, former university professor Eric Siegel, Ph.D., founder of Predictive Analytics World and author of the popular and critically acclaimed Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie or Die, today released the first known rap video about predictive analytics in existence.

While nerdcore and other sub-genres of hip hop may tread upon niche topics, "PREDICT THIS!" is the first pop song to feature infotainment value via legitimate academic/tech content with Gangnam Style (from Psy) humor, and media-blending 80's throwback visuals.

Featuring green-screen technology, a faux TED talk, and choreographed dance routines featuring "sexy geeks," the video aims to spread the word about both the power of prediction: nerds are the new cool, data is the new oil, and predictive analytics is the latest evolutionary step of the Information Age.

When asked to comment, Dr. Siegel said, "I only answer to 'Dr. Data' now." After we apologized, the award-winning author graced us with, "Look, I've dropped my iPhone a million times. But today I dropped a rap video for the very first time." Siegel then muttered something about his friends and family suggesting he not quit his day job.


Rap video, MP3 download, full lyrics, cast and crew:

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