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Crazy P Announce U.S. Tour!

Crazy P Announce U.S. Tour!

'Age Of The Ego' is the immaculately-crafted new album by UK dance music heroes Crazy P. Following 30 million steams for their previous album, sold-out headline gigs in Manchester and Percolate in London, supporting Chic and Chaka Khan, plus shows for Bluedot, Festival No 6, Love International and Boiler Room in Bali, the Nottingham/Manchester band are more in demand than ever.

Fans of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, Arthur Russell, Jam Hammer, Prince and Bobby O will find much to like, but this is clearly modern music, where heavy club beats are layered-up with perfectly-placed arrangement, ace playing and stratospheric soundscapes.

Musically, Crazy P's breadth of studio and writing experience shines brighter than ever, and 'Age Of The Ego' has their unmistakeable stamp of quality, but is now augmented with a broader palate, and - like many - a feeling of upset with the state of the world.

"I don't usually write my lyrics in advance, as I feel they're expressed better in tandem with the music, which seems to help tap into my subconscious. What came out on several tracks was Brexit, the state of UK politics and the way I feel about divisive, abhorrent manipulation by certain media outlets.

Thematically parts of album were also influenced by the rise of social media, the struggling education system and how it's failing our young, and the impact all this has on us. It's been hard to not be emotionally influenced by the situation we find ourselves in; not just in this country, but worldwide.

I feel very angry and frustrated, but sometimes have to laugh at myself, because I struggle to articulate my feelings in normal conversation. I suppose lyrically it is political, a reflection of the times, but with a twist of humour and always a lot of love," explains Danielle.

The moody and atmospheric dark arpeggiated house of 'Is This All It Seems' sets the scene, making it immediately clear this isn't just hands-in the-air dancefloor tackle.

'The Witness' pairs Moore's observations with a luxurious, glistening nocturnal sheen reminiscent of Imagination, and equally sonically opulent is the breathtakingly expansive, Nona Hendryx-inspired anthem 'SOS'.

'We Will F**k You' up is a jack trak as voiced by shadowy puppeteers in power, whilst lighter thematic breaks include 'Kari' - where the singer's gossamer vocals float atop sun-dappled clouds, in an original that sounds intentionally like an old school mixing desk remix/dub.

The hi-NRG pumper 'Lean On Me' is laced with swathes of ethereal synth, big reverbed 80s guitar and Moore's versatile voice, which alternates between rhythmic cadence and sustained soaring, merging with the broad strokes of atmospheric colour.

Listen to "The Witness" below.


September 20th Public Works 9 Year Anniversary, San Francisco
September 21 Open-Air Affair @ The Historic Park Viaduct, Los Angeles
September 22nd (DJ) Sunday is 4 Lovers @ Firehouse, San Diego
September 25th (DJ) Bar Standard, Denver
September 27 (DJ) Blisspop Disco Festival, U Street Music Hall, Washington D.C.
September 27 (DJ) Music Room, Atlanta
September 28 House of Yes, New York

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