Bill Freas Releases 'Yellowstone Lake' LP

"Yellowstone Lake" is continuing to inspire listeners across all genres and through multiple platforms.

By: Aug. 18, 2021
Bill Freas Releases 'Yellowstone Lake' LP

Bill Freas and a group of musicians, referred to as the "Cottage City Symphony Orchestra," brought forth a unique LP consisting of ten tracks, in the New Age category entitled, "Yellowstone Lake." "Yellowstone Lake" is continuing to inspire listeners across all genres and through multiple platforms. Tracks include "Sunset Majesty," "Incantation of Elk," "Forest Rain Lullaby," "Hummingbird Takes Flight," "Violet Valley Chorale," "Fire Blessing," "Moonscapes," "Waterfall Mantra," "On Wings of Eagles," and "Lakeside in Stride," representing something that is both unique and refreshing in music. Freas, along with composing, arranging and producing the album; also, performed on the piano, keyboard and synthesizer from his studio in Philadelphia, where the album was mixed and mastered.

Freas states, "The very talented instrumentalists on this album were based in London, Philadelphia and Nashville; the string section was based in London, the brass and woodwind musicians were based in Philadelphia and the percussionists and rhythm-section specialists hailed from Nashville. Through this collaboration, everyone definitely surpassed expectations in the creation of this LP, "Yellowstone Lake." Bill Freas discussed that the early travel limitations of the pandemic forced the project into quite an unusual, long-distance recording style. Freas summarized, "The final sound was as seamless as if I and the other musicians were all laying down the tracks together in the same studio." The official release of "Yellowstone Lake" was February 26, 2021.

Bill Freas is an accomplished Philadelphia based composer, arranger, producer, and performer. Freas has contributed his musical talents to numerous projects and artists, both during live performances and in the studio. His work spans across many genres, beginning in the mid '90's. He has performed and/or recorded with renowned Philadelphia area ensembles, such as the City Rhythm Orchestra/Big Band, the Black-Eyed Peas Jazz Band, the Philadelphia Sinfonia II, the United States Army Reserve Bands, Purple Sunset, and an Indie Pop-Rock band, namely Marah.

Along with garnering several prestigious music awards and titles, Bill Freas learned to play every instrument, while he studied intensive music theory and composition under esteemed, world-class composer/conductor David Osbon at West Chester University in eastern Pennsylvania. He is also a writer, producer, actor, and runs his music production company, "Crazy Owl Entertainment." Bill also owns and operates its successful sister company, "Crazy Owl Films," a film and TV production firm.

Listeners who would like to contact Bill Freas directly to share your feedback regarding "Yellowstone Lake" may do so by visiting by completing the contact form.

The "Yellowstone Lake" LP is available across multiple platforms, most anywhere that digital music is sold to include: iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, as well as countless other platforms.