BROBST Electro-Rock Tops MusicDish China 5 Indie Song Chart

Cracking MusicDish*China's Charts for the first time, electronic rock artist BROBST comes in at #1 with their song "Rain". The single helped BROBST become the 2013 LA Music Awards Solo Artist of the Year. With a flurry of guitar riffs and synthetic sounds, "Rain" describes BROBST life in Las Vegas and Los Angeles respectively.

MusicDish*China Top 5 Indie Song Chart (Vol. 1, No. 5)
1. Rain - BROBST
2. 3 Ring - Corprit Convict
3. The Boomerang - 3logit
4. Hayride - Hicks
5. OLDER _ BETTER? - Jon Lukas Woodenman

Leading in at #2 is the female fronted, Heavy Metal group Culprit Convict with their hardcore single "3 Ring". We go all the way to Prague for the #3 spot with a Dubstep band 3Logit who make a comeback to the chart with their smashing single "The Boomerang". The #4 spot belongs to international Country sensation Hicks and his upbeat, party anthem "Hayride". And finally for the last spot on MusicDish*China' Song Chart is Alt-Pop UK vocalist Jon Lukas Woodman and his soulful track "Older-Better?".

The MusicDish*China Top 5 Indie Song Chart is based on aggregate plays of songs promoted through MusicDish*China Song Blast on Chinese streaming portals, including Ximalaya, Diandian,, Kanjian and for the period 08/02-08/08/2014. MusicDish*China Song Blast is a low-cost song promotional service to help introduce Western independent music to the biggest music market through Chinese streaming and social media platforms (

MusicDish*China serves as a bridge between East & West, presenting events featuring award-winning Chinese and Taiwanese acts as well as providing distribution/marketing and touring for Western acts in China. MusicDish*China has partnered with key events, from Midi and Zebra festivals to the Sound of the Xity conference that, in combination with its social media presence, has given it an unique brand positioning in the market. We also have forged a partnership with leading Chinese music service providers such as audio/podcast sharing platform Ximalaya and digital distributors such as R2G. This allows us to provide a direct and engaging connection with Chinese music fans through social media channels and performance opportunities in major festivals and venues in China.

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