Ayleen Valentine Shares 'epitaph' & 'i can't stop dreaming of you' Double Singles

The accompanying music video for 'i can't stop dreaming of you' was directed by frequent collaborator Genevieve Andrews (Lizzo, Yung Baby Tate, Wallows, etc).

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Ayleen Valentine shares her second "a/b" single package "a/b__2", comprised of tracks "epitaph" and "i can't stop dreaming of you". The second of four package releases, Valentine explores the fragility and depth of solitude and loss on the new tracks. Along with the release Ayleen's announced tour dates with Ethan Bortnick after wrapping up dates supporting Riz La Vie.

"A" track "epitaph" is a sorrowful glimpse into Valentine's struggle with loneliness. The song opens with the haunted strumming of an acoustic guitar that melds seamlessly with Valentine's wistful vocals. Churning with stifled tension, "epitaph" builds to a breakthrough where Valentine's unique production style is revealed through layered synths and eerily echoing background vocals.

Ayleen shares this of the track:

"'epitaph' was a really special song for me to make. i wrote it at a time where i felt really lost and confused and although it didn't give me clarity about my depression, it gave me an outlet for these feelings. epitaph is about eternal numbness and loneliness, a feeling that you're never gonna change."

On "B" track "i can't stop dreaming of you" Valentine is plagued by fears that she will lose her lover to somebody else. Atmospheric and full of yearning, the track combines delicate melodies with hyper-pop production to create a sonic and emotional experience that is deeply unique. Valentine's raw lyricism grounds the track further, with the chorus lyric "I can't stop dreaming of you/kissing somebody new" effortlessly showcasing Valentine's struggle with paranoia and doubt.

Ayleen shares this of the track:

"'i can't stop dreaming of you' is a song about relationship paranoia. even after finding someone who treats you well, your subconscious can't help but fantasize on the worst things. the song begs for forgiveness in a way and explains why I have this paranoia in the first place, past experiences and childhood."

The accompanying music video was directed by frequent collaborator Genevieve Andrews (Lizzo, Yung Baby Tate, Wallows, etc), and portrays Valentine as the victim of a brutal accident. Though she is surrounded by on-lookers she finds herself completely alone. The insidious grief of being perceived through phone screens and camera lenses but not truly seen leaches through the video, making a powerful statement about the callousness and apathy that a voyeuristic culture creates.

"epitaph" and "i can't stop dreaming of you" come hot on the heels of Valentine's first "a/b" single release "a/b__1", which featured the uncanny, slow burning "anesthetized" and hyper-pop fever-dream "stars".

Listen to the new single here:

Watch the new music video here:


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