Arc Rev One Previews New EP 'Twiggy Scratch & the Miders from Spars'

Arc Rev One Previews New EP 'Twiggy Scratch & the Miders from Spars'

Super stoked around here as the final touches are being put on the latest and soon to be released Arc Rev One EP titled "Twiggy Scratch & the Miders from Spars"

Please take a sec. and give a listen to "Beam" a slightly chilled preview track from the Twiggy Scratch & the Miders from Spars EP.

Dave Maroul began writing and recording as Arc Rev One in the late 1990′s while living in Berkeley California and released the first Arc Rev One track "Without Time" in 2000 through the compilation "fields of ashes" on Zenflesh Records .

While Dave primarily tinkered with various experimental sound and video recording techniques and explored different philosophies, cultures, and an assortment of mind expanding substances, it would be sometime before Arc Rev One would have another publicly documented release.

While writing and performing in China, Arc Rev One recorded and mixed the track Apex Celeste. Using footage from his travels and performances, Arc Rev One created the Apex Celeste Music Video . A highly regarded depiction of the cultural variances of the Chinese immigrants (in the area of Lhasa Tibet) vs the indigenous Tibetan people.