AUDIO: First Listen - Herbcraft's 'No Land'

Herbcraft has just released its new LP on Woodsist. Hear the new track 'No Land' below!

Three years on from the initial Herbcraft blurt, this third Herbcraft LP sees a full blossoming of sonic seeds sown in previous wax transmissions. Once the isolationist bedroom-psych project of Matt Lajoie, the intervening years have found Herbcraft sprawling out in many different full-band incarnations-duo, trio, quartet, sextet-for tours and heady super-sessions at their HQ in Maine.

The Astral Body Electric finds the most enduring lineup of the band at its peak: songs half-composed, half-improvised, and played with freewheeling first-take intensity. Recorded direct to tape by Doug Tuttle (Mmoss) in an 18th-century New England barn, the focus on analog recording techniques (spring reverb, tape delay, hands-on flange) captures the Herbcraft soundworld in its most-natural habitat. Matt's unhinged electric guitar swirls around Dawn Aquarius' wah'ed organ riffs, Nicholas Barker's kosmische-inspired drums and synth, and Corinna Marshall's trilled-out flute and circular bass, complete with nebulous groop vocals and auxiliary support from Doug and Aaron Neveu (Woods).

"Aurally massaged" into the 4th dimension by Matt "MV" Valentine with his signature "Spectrasound" mastering technique, The Astral Body Electric is psychedelic, mantric, free-rock music for the mind and body, and the most expansive, fully-realized, and confident Herbcraft record yet.

The Astral Body Electric
Formats: LP / digital
Street date: March 5, 2013

Side A
Mother's Gate (Shambhala)
A Knock At The Door In Your Mind

Side B
No Land
The Body Electric
Full Circle (Eternally)

For more about Herbcraft, find them on Facebook, Bandcamp and Woodsist.

Photo Credit: Sean Turley

AUDIO: First Listen - Herbcraft's 'No Land'