DNA Presents FRAMEWORKS, 2/13


DNA PRESENTS FRAMEWORKS, a semi-annual program of innovative new works of choreography for the camera on Sunday February 13, 2011, 3:00 pm.
Where:  Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway in Lower Manhattan (entrance is on Chambers Street), phone: 212.625.8369

The series is founded and produced by Michael Bodel, out of an interest in challenging the field, cultivating dialogue between disciplines and providing a reliably high quality platform for the presentation of new dance films from around the world and right here in New York.
This program will feature six films, all ranging between three and twelve minutes in length, two of which will be presented as looped video installations, preceding & following the screening. FRAMEWORKS is proud to announce the selected films:

Sleeping with Frank, Lily Baldwin. A slice of morning in Queens in which choreographed gesture reveals a potent underbelly to the lacquer of domestic normalcy.

Greece Piece, Michael Bodel. World Premiere. Three tourists scramble in search of the perfect beach. Set on the island of Ios, Greece Piece is an effusive gestural approach to paradise, tourism, and loss of place in the Greek Islands.

For Water, Natalie Metzger. World Premiere. A collaboration between dancers from Indonesia and America that follows a pilgrimage of five spirits to a sacred place to perform their centurial ritual for water.

Story Case, Ne Barros. U.S. Premiere Story Case documents empty places and people with no history. Bodies move in and out of a charged stage environment, set to an electric guitar soloist.

Gaffe, Marisa C Hayes & Franck Boulegue. U.S. Premiere. An impressionist response to NASA's gaffe in accidentally deleting documentary footage of Armstrong's first walk on the moon.

Tissue Lattice, Courtney Gannone & Lindsay Wolfe. U.S. Premiere. The by-product of stealthy discomfort and distaste, where cinematic and human motions fall off-center.·        Body/Traces, Sophie Kahn & Lisa Parra. This seven-minute single-channel video installation asks, "what happens to the body when it becomes a still image?" And, "what becomes of that image when it returns to motion?" 
Hi-tech or lo-fi, each film forges new territory in the field of dance film, capturing the power of human motion through the camera's eye. Submission is free. A rotating panel selects the films on the basis of merit and originality, regardless of their budget. FRAMEWORKS returns to DNA for its 5th screening, and will be accompanied by a new workshop series "Cinematic Gestures: Filmmaking for Choreographers" in Spring 2011.
Cost:                $5.00 online, $10 at the door